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5 YEARS AFTER ~Side Ais~ is a special story released in the DanMachi 5th Anniversary Campaign.


Ais was in a dream; she knew it instantly. A more grown up Ais was in a journey with Riveria. During the dream, both of them traveled and laughed together, like a real mother and daughter. A blissful dream.

Ais was in a dream; she knew it instantly. She saw "herself" chatting with the slightly grown up Tiona, Tione, and Lefiya in a café. Tiona laughed as usual, Tione vowed to live with the one she loved that year, and Lefiya drank her tea with grace, all while "Ais" happily watched them, looking gentler than how Ais ever did. A warm dream.

Ais was in a dream; she knew it instantly. "Ais" was lying in the floor and covered in wounds along with all her Familia. They had been defeated by the dungeon. Once "her" eyes closed, they never opened again. A sad dream.

Ais was in a dream; she knew it instantly. It was impossible. After growing up, as beautiful as her mother, "Ais" had become the queen of a Spirit village. "She" stayed in her throne until she raised her staff and played with the Spirits. Ais almost had a coughing fit. A confusing dream

Ais was unable to tell if it was a dream. Several broken weapons lay stuck in the ground. "Ais" had lost an arm and an eye, had a hole in her body and was covered in blood. Nevertheless, she faced the darkness alone for her deepest wish, even as she died, until it finally swallowed her. The dream ended. Ais was fascinated by this dream, as if it was an unchangeable destiny, the dream she needed to pursue.

As the other dreams faded, she saw one last dream. The back of a man covered in wounds that stood in front of "Ais" while she was on her knees. She knew it instantly; it was "her hero."

Ais calmly woke up. Although she couldn't remember much of her dream, she knew she had seen happy, sad and mysterious scenes. As she wondered what was in the future for her, she got up and walked out of her room, towards the future.