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Ais Wallenstein (アイズ・ヴァレンシュタイン) is a first class adventurer and an executive of the Loki Familia. Among the small fraction of first class adventurers, she is considered one of the strongest.


Ais is considered a very beautiful woman with long golden hair, gold eyes, and a slender body. She usually wears a white and black battle cloth, black arm covers, and long blue boots. She wears her armor over this consisting of a head guard, breastplate, arm guards, hip guards, and knee guards.

When not heading to the dungeon, Ais usually wears a white one-piece dress with gold lining.


Ais is a mostly quiet person who has trouble expressing her feelings through words. Because of this, she is thought to be mysterious; however, she is actually mentally young, even visualizing a younger version of herself in certain situations, such as when she gave Bell a lap pillow.

Unlike her fellow Loki Familia member Bete, Ais doesn't look down on the weak despite being a First Class Adventurer. She is also believed to be an airhead, namely due to her quiet nature. She is very strong-willed, doing everything to reach her goal to become even stronger, even offering to train Bell just so she could try to determine the key to his quick growth. She also tends to react violently whenever someone does anything remotely perverted to her (such as Loki).

Ais exhibits a strong interest in Bell, mainly because of his rabbit-like appearance. However, she helps him whenever she can, such as when she immediately moved to rescue him when she heard that he was being attacked by the Minotaur. During the time she trained Bell, Tiona pointed out that she seemed happy, an emotion she had never seen her show before. She interacts with Bell very favorably, such as taking care of Bell on the 18th Floor and accepting his request to dance at the ball held by Apollo even though it was her first time.

Ais is unable to swim, as when she was 7 years old, Riveria punished Ais for calling her an "old woman" by tying adamantite to her and throwing her in water, calling it "swimming training". This later became a traumatic experience for her, making her avoid water in general while in the dungeon, and if she has to bathe, she tries to stay in areas where her feet reach the bottom.

Ais' goal is to become strong enough to defeat the One Eyed Black Dragon and take back her mother. Because her goal is revenge-driven and for her own sake, she considers herself unable to become a hero.

Her desire for revenge stems from her traumatic experience with the One Eyed Black Dragon as a child, which also caused her to develop a great hatred for monsters. Even after learning about the Xenos she clung to her belief, refusing to accept that monsters should not be exterminated.

However, after seeing Wiene's actions to protect Bell and hearing her story, she was seriously affected and started to believe that the Xenos could truly deserve to live. Likewise, her resolve began to waver, unable to decide if monsters were truly an evil that deserved to be destroyed.

After her training with Ottar she came to the conclusion that there were monsters that could have emotions and a heart equal to that of a person, in the same way that there could be people who had the heart of a monster, and it would be she herself who would decide who was a monster and against whom to use her power.


Ais entered the Loki Familia at the age of 7. As a new member, she acted as a supporter of other adventurers while training as hard as she could. She reached Level 2 within a year, becoming the fastest person to reach Level 2 at the time until Bell broke that record.

Ais has also fought against Phryne Jamil on three occasions: once when she was a new Level 2, a second time when they encountered each other in the dungeon two years after their first meeting, and a third time when Ais reached Level 5.


Expert Swordsman: Having trained since joining the Loki Familia, Ais is a skilled swordsman and is usually recognized as the most powerful in the city.

Her ability stems from her constant training by herself and the one provided by Finn and Gareth when she was a new member of the Familia. Even back then, her technique sometimes surprised them, which was the result of her father's techniques that she remembered and practiced.

While her skill with her sword is amazing, her fighting style is very brutal and aggressive, which is why few weapons are capable of withstanding it.

Despite her ability, Ottar pointed out that she is not very skilled against other people. Instead, he stated that her techniques specialize in killing monsters, surpassing even him, Finn, and the others in that regard. This was also remarked by the author, who clarified that Ais is not very good against other people and specializes in fighting monsters due to her skill.


Ariel (エアリエル): Ariel is Ais' wind element enchant magic. In addition to serving as a powerful offensive weapon, it has also been shown to be used as a shield, as it was able to deflect the poison from a Virga. Despite the strength, it gives her, she usually stops herself from using it against non-monster opponents, as she is fearful of accidentally killing her opponent.

Ariel has been mentioned as being far beyond normal enchant type magic, and Lefiya has even referred to it as being abnormal. When she used it at full power during her battle with Revis in volume 7, the latter referred to it as a "Great Spirit's wind", and succeeded in holding her off for a short while despite their difference in power. Her use at the time was described as a "fortress of wind" rather than the usual "armor". As a new Level 1 adventurer, Ais wasn't informed that she had a magic to prevent her from killing herself in the dungeon from fighting too much.

  • Lil Rafaga (リル・ラファーガ): Ais surrounds herself with Ariel before lunging at her opponent.


Avenger (復讐姫(アヴェンジャー)): Avenger heavily increases Ais' attack power against monsters, massively increases her attack power against dragon-type monsters, and the effect rises based on her hate. It has an active trigger. When she used it as a Level 1, it caused the enemy to explode upon contact with her sword, blasting their body apart. When Ais first used it, Riveria noted that it had power unbefitting that of the first attack of a Level 1 adventurer.

The skill damages the user's weapons due to its output, which is considered to be the strongest among all skills. The only weapons that were able to survive its usage were Desperate and Sword Ale, though the latter was because she didn't want to break the bond between her and Riveria and the others. Riveria stated that while it was an impressive skill, it was also a chain that dragged her closer to death.

She can also combine it with her magic with the chant Tempest-Avenger (起動(テンペスト)――復讐姫(アヴェンジャー)), creating a powerful black wind that dramatically increases her power, being able to easily overwhelm Revis, who had a power equivalent to a Level 7. She can increase its power by chanting Nizel (暴れ吼えろ(ニゼル))

Development Abilities

Hunter (狩人): Hunter improves Ais' abilities against monsters she's fought before and gained excelia from.

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.

Swordsman (剣士)

Spirit Healing (精癒): Spirit Healing automatically begins regenerating Ais' mind at a low rate after using magic. It is a rare ability, with Ais noting that Riveria was the only person she knew that had it, and theorized that she got it herself from repeatedly using Ariel over the years.


  • Ais is rumored to have rejected 1,000 requests to have a courtship with her.
  • Ais' favorite food is Jagamarukun.
  • Ais' magic, Ariel, is named after the spirit of air from William Shakespeare's play The Tempest.
  • Ais only had 149 words of dialogue in the first season of the DanMachi anime.
  • The author mentioned that Ais leveled up to Level 4 at a rate of one to one and a half years each level.