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All Purpose Battle Sales Girl Ais (汎用決戦セールスガール・アイズ) is a special story included in the DanMachi Volume 4 limited edition booklet.


On Northern Main Street, Hestia was manning the Jagamarukun stand. Facing her was Ais. Ever since Ais first visited the stall with Bell during his training, Ais became a frequent customer, to Hestia's dismay. Hestia welcomed Ais rudely, but Ais ordered quickly and unperturbed. As Ais enjoyed her fresh and well-made Jagamarukun, her beauty and charm attracted the many nearby male demi-human's eyes, annoying Hestia further. Soon, a shout from her coworker broke Hestia from her reverie. The eastern stand had misheard an order and made too many Jagamarukun, and so Hestia's stand needed to help sell an extra 1000. Lapsing in despair at the tall order, Hestia thought and soon called a puzzled Ais to help them out.

Once news of Ais selling Jagamarukun spread, male gods and demi-humans gathered from across the city to buy, in hoards, soon selling greatly. Hestia, on the side, despite her decision to focus on profit, couldn't help but feel defeated. Even more so as her boss considered asking Ais to work at the stand.