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Anya Fromel (アーニャ・フローメル) is a waitress at the Hostess of Fertility. Before this, she was a member of the Freya Familia.


Anya has brown hair and eyes with cat ears and a tail of the same color. She usually wears the Hostess of Fertility's uniform.


Anya is shown to be a foolish person whose unthoughtful actions stand out. She is terrible at singing, enough to be referred to as a "disaster". Despite being somewhat of an airhead, she is loyal to her friends, such as when she was openly hostile to Hermes for mentioning Ryuu's past, and when she helped Ryuu by being Chloe's opponent while she fought Lunoire.

She used to act like a senior to Ryuu at work, though she failed miserably due to her unthoughtful actions, such as when she accidentally brought Lunoire coffee when she ordered tea. Even so, she refuses to give up, as shown when she repeatedly tried to touch Ryuu even though the Elf kept on swatting her away, at which point Ryuu thought she saw flames of resolve around her. However, she is reluctant to talk about her past, becoming startled when Ryuu asked her and immediately changed the subject.

Anya is the younger sister of Allen Fromel. However, they have both cut ties with each other. Seemingly because of this, Anya refers to herself as an abandoned cat, and claims to not know who Vana Alfi is. Also, she was shown to lament something for a moment upon being called that and mentioned that it'd been a while since she last heard that name. While in presence of her brother she acts submissive and fearful, constantly apologizing and completely following his orders.


When she was one year old, Anya lost her parents and her home. Because of this, her brother Allen was forced to wander the ruins of a kingdom while protecting her. So it was for two years until they met Freya, who offered them to go with her, which they accepted.

Sometime before Ais came to Orario, Mia partially left the Freya Familia to open the Hostess of Fertility, employing Anya there.


Development Abilities[]

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison. Chloe estimated her Abnormal Resistance to be at the same level as Ryuu's as she was able to resist her Sleeping Incense.


Spear: Anya wields a spear with a gold design that is a match to her brother's silver spear.


  • Anya and Lunoire's surnames are missing in the anime credits. This is fixed in the BD version.
  • Her alias, Vana Alfi, could be a reference to Þjálfi (Thialfi), one of the siblings who accompanied Thor and Loki and lost in a race against Hugi (Thought), thus explaining her often airheaded nature.