The Apollo Familia (アポロン・ファミリア) was a Familia led by Apollo until it was disbanded following their loss in the War Game against the Hestia Familia.


Apollo Familia Emblem

The Apollo Familia Emblem

Many members of the familia were people Apollo set his sights on, and because of that there were many beautiful men and women, totaling around 110 members. After their defeat in the War Game, their home and wealth was taken by the Hestia Familia.

The Apollo Familia emblem was a sun with a bow and arrow. In the anime, members of the familia were shown to wear matching black uniforms with the familia emblem on them.


The statuses listed below are the statuses the Familia members had when the Familia was disbanded and not their current status.

Name Race Occupation Rank Level Status
Hyakinthos ClioHumanAdventurerCaptain3Active
Daphne LaurosHumanAdventurerNone2Active
Cassandra IlionHumanAdventurerNone2Active
LissosElfAdventurerPlatoon Leader2Active
Luan EspelPallumAdventurerNone1Active


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