Artemis (アルテミス) is a Goddess that appears in DanMachi Arrow of Orion. She was the head of the Artemis Familia.


Artemis had green eyes and long blue hair with two long bangs, two strands on the sides, and a partly braided tail in the back. She wore a white and pale blue outfit, long brown boots with a light brown design, a belt which she kept a piece of white cloth and a dagger in, gold bracelets, and various gold hair accessories.


As she presided over chastity, Artemis was strict when it came to love, forbidding her familia members to be in relationships and told them to leave if they wanted to be in one. Nevertheless, she cared about her familia members. Due to Lante explaining how love was good, she began to wonder if she could change.


Artemis' Arrow.png

Arcanum (神の力(アルカナム)): Although Artemis didn't use it herself, Antares demonstrated the capabilities of her arcanum, which include firing a barrage of arrows in a set area, or creating a giant bow and arrow, which, according to Freya, is the strongest arrow in heaven.

Expert Marksman: Artemis was a highly skilled at the bow and is stated to never miss no matter the situation.


Bow: Artemis used a bow to fight monsters.


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