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Beginner's Luck? (ビギナーズ・ラック?) is a special story included in Familia Chronicle Episode Ryuu.


During a break in the Hostess of Fertility, Ryuu noticed, with disapproval, Bell and Syr playing cards together at one of the round tables. He explained to her that he had been dragged by the other waitresses even though he didn't know how to play. Seeing her coworkers involve Bell in their personal grudges, Ryuu sighed while Syr looked at Bell from the other part of the table, confident that she would win.

Syr said they had decided that the loser would obey the winner and told Bell she could have a full house. Seeing she was playing with him, Anya, Chloe and Lunoire expressed their annoyance as they thought she would win. When the time to show their cards finally came, Syr showed that she had indeed a full house. Thinking he had lost, Bell laughed as he showed his cards, saying he only had one pair. Ryuu, however, saw his cards and noted he had a straight flush.

Everyone was surprised to see Bell had won against Syr and celebrated his victory. Anya and the rest took Bell's right to order Syr, who they forced to do all their chores. As she saw Bell, Ryuu murmured about how scary beginner's luck was.