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Beginner Teacher (初心者ティーチャー) is a special chapter included in the sixth volume of the DanMachi manga.


At the Loki Familia home, Ais was searching through books in the library, trying to find anything to help her teach Bell. Bell had been growing at a fast rate and as a teacher Ais had been trying her best to consult knowledge from her predecessors. She was sleepy since she had to train both Bell and Lefiya but nonetheless continued on in her quest to find something useful. As Ais searched through more books, she wondered why she was trying this hard, not realizing what the emotion beginning to grow within her was.

Flipping through a book, Ais' eyes stopped at a certain passage, reading "Give a reward to those that have tried their best. They will bond with you and answer your various expectations". Immediately, Ais knew that she had found something useful, though unfortunately she didn't notice that the book was titled "You can do it! Rabbit☆Master!".

The next morning, Bell was unusually excited, remembering Ais' words of a reward if he tried hard that day. He had slightly perverted thoughts on what the "reward" would be but he quickly brushed them away. Once Ais put her sword back into its sheath, she walked over to him with something in her hand, the object soon revealing itself to be a carrot. Puzzled, Bell could do nothing but stare at it, causing Ais to wonder if he didn't like it, to which he thanked her for it and took it.

This was three days before Ais received advice from Finn and the others.