Bete Loga (ベート・ローガ) is a first class adventurer and an executive member of the Loki Familia. He was the former captain of the Vidar Familia until they left the city.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Bete has gray colored hair, along with amber eyes, as well as a sleek tail. He has a blue tattoo on the left side of his face and a muscular physique. His features are described to be handsome, and he appears cool to others.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bete has a rough personality and a slight superiority complex. He completely hates the weak, especially those that don't do anything about their weakness, and is not afraid to express his opinions about it. He can be an idiot who can't read the atmosphere. Furthermore, he is a bad drunk and has a tendency to spout things when intoxicated.

He has, in several instances, displayed feats of heroism and still worries for the wellbeing of his weaker subordinates. He is also described as a tsundere, hiding a more forebearing exterior. He admires and has a crush on Ais.

History[edit | edit source]

Bete was born to the leader of a clan of Werewolves and had a sister named Luna along with a childhood friend named Reene, who he later got in a relationship with. However, his whole clan was killed by a monster when he was 12, and he traveled to Orario where he eventually became the captain of the Vidar Familia. When he was 16, he temporarily left the city as a Level 3 to kill the monster that killed his clan, succeeding in doing so after a day of fighting.

Unfortunately, he discovered upon his return that his Familia had failed their recent dungeon expedition, resulting in the deaths of the vice-captain, who he used to be in a relationship with, along with several others while others that survived gained wounds fatal for an adventurer. The Vidar Familia subsequently left the city, though he stayed behind, and later joined the Loki Familia after an incident with Finn and Gareth at a pub.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skilled Fighter: As a member of the Beast Humans of the Plains, Bete was trained from childhood to be a warrior, eventually becoming the strongest child in his tribe. Motivated by his desire to protect others, he asked his father to participate in the adult hunts. Because of this, despite still being a child, he became strong enough to defeat surface monsters by himself. After joining the Vidar Familia, his experience as a hunter served him well in the dungeon, allowing him to progress and level up quickly.

High Speed: Bete is the fastest runner in the Loki Familia, able to outpace even Ais using Ariel. Even when he was still Level 5, his skills allowed him to be faster than Finn and the other Level 6s of the Familia.

Beastification (獣化): Beastification enables Bete to unleash his wild instinct and power, or in other words grow stronger by becoming violent. The trigger for a Werewolf to beastify is being under moonlight and all Werewolves are known to have the associated skill.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Hati (ハティ): Hati is a fire enchant magic that absorbs magic power and damage. When Bete uses it, four flames are placed on each one of his fists and feet. The magic absorbs anything that uses magic power that it comes in contact with, be it attack magic, curses, or even magic barriers. As the magic absorbs more magic power the flames grow, even burning Bete himself, which in turn increases its power even more due to its damage absorption property. Contrary to Tiona and Tione's Berserk skill, Hati has no limit to how powerful it can become.

Despite how powerful it is, Bete refuses to use his magic due to the fact that doing so forces him to face the scars of his past, all his loved ones that he has lost and the pain that has come with it.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Úlfheðinn (月下咆哮(ウールヴヘジン)): Úlfheðinn can only be activated if Bete is under the moonlight. Bete becomes beast like, with the skill raising all his abilities by a large amount, and all abnormalities are negated.

Fenris Wolf (孤狼疾駆(フェンリスヴォルフ)): Fenris Wolf improves Bete's running speed.

Solmani (双狼追駆(ソルマーニ)): Solmani improves Bete's strength and speed at acceleration.

Development Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hunter (狩人): Hunter improves Bete's abilities against monsters he's fought before and gained excelia from.

Abnormal Resistance (耐異常): Abnormal Resistance negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison.

Fist Strike (拳打)

Magic Resistance (魔防)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Sword Oratoria Volume 2 65.png

Flosvirt (フロスヴィルト): Flosvirt are a pair of mithril boots that are able to absorb magic and use its power to increase the wielder's own power. They were made by Tsubaki, who later replaced them after they were destroyed in Bete's battle with Revis. The boots are actually a degraded version of Hati for Bete to use instead of his magic due to him refusing to use it.

Dual Rolan (デュアル・ローラン): Dual Rolan are dual swords with the Durandal attribute created by Tsubaki Collbrande.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Bete's aliases, Vanargand and Fenris, are the alternate names of the wolf Fenrir, one of Loki's children from Norse mythology.
  • Bete's magic, Hati, is the name of the wolf, a son of Fenrir who chases the moon across the sky in Norse mythology.
    • It has the second longest chant in Japanese and the longest in English, which is the reverse of Fels's magic Dia Orpheus.
  • Bete's name is very similar to the French word bête, which means beast.
  • Bete's skill Úlfheðinn takes its name the Old Norse language.

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