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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 4 days ago

Volume 17 Hestia SS

Campanella’s Promise

Hestia put on her hairpieces.

That alone was her only act of defiance.

In the goddess of beauty’s garden, Freya’s twisted version of Orario, Hestia was not allowed to come in contact with the boy.

Hestia was forced to continue to lie that he was not a member of her familia. All proof of Hestia and the boy’s relationship had been completely erased by Freya familia.

Except for the two hairpieces, which tied Hestia’s hair.

“…Ah, Um!”

One evening.

Hestia was walking by when she crossed paths with a boy.

His hair was the color of pure snow, and his eyes were a shade of ruby red. He had an exhausted look about him as if he was an old man, but also looked lonely and alone like a lost child.

He only looked at Hestia at first as they dre…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 7 September 2021

Volume 17 Hephaestus SS

“…What’s this?”

Hephaestus was feeling restless.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she counted the several weapons that hung on the wall of her personal room.

There was a weapon I made about a half a year ago, I think… What was it again?

The goddess of the forge, Hephaestus, remembered everything that she had ever forged.

Out of the countless weapons and pieces of armor she had forged, she remembered them all down to their smallest details. That was her art, her natural-born tendency as a craftsman, her policy to ensure that everything she had forged in the past was made without fault. The highest efforts of her craft, the type of materials she brought to her hammer, even the level of heat of her forge, she remembered them all in order to continue to br…

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 13 April 2021

DanMachi Volume 17

DanMachi Volume 17 will be released on April 22, 2021. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 11 April 2021

Danmachi II Manga SS "One Night's Dream"

Those Ruby-light eyes don’t know.

They couldn’t possibly know how lost and powerless she felt before he saved her from the Pleasure District.

There is no way they could know how happy it made her feel as he fought to the very end.

Life working as a prostitute in the Pleasure District was hard.

The mornings were late and the nights were long, but it wasn’t as if they didn’t get any sleep. 

They would wait upon customers from when the sun began setting and work until the middle of the night. Around the time the sun rose they would bid their farewells to their customers. They were allowed to go to sleep again after that, but only until noon. With heavy eyelids they would begin their afternoon work. Entertaining over two customers a day was also a …

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 9 April 2021

Sword Oratoria Volume 12 SS Instead of Flowers There was a Cry of a Supportive Girl Fan Translation

The sound of blowing grass echoed as the wind blew conveying the strong spirit of those who had fallen, laying under the earth.

With both Florvirt and Dual Rolan equipped, Bete stood with both his mind and body prepared. The gaze of the evening light shined upon the grave of which he stood before.

They stood at the place where an uncountable number of those who had fallen laid rest “The Adventurer’s Cemetery.”

In the gravestone in front him the name “Line Arshe” was engraved.

There were many companions from Loki Familia whose gravestones laid there as well. As she laid there surrounded by her companion Bete said nothing, he did nothing, he simply continued to stand there in silence.

“Seriously, I find you here standing there pouting.” “You fine…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 9 April 2021

Volume 16 SS The Half-Elf's Circumstances

Eina was exhausted.

“The Goddess Festival is a lot of work isn’t it?”

“They are having us run around everywhere, no matter how much I do it feels like it never ends~!”

Eina’s co-worker Misha whined while carrying a cloth bag filled with vegetables.

Not only the Goddess Festival, but also the Monster Feria or any other festival is held in Orario, those who work in the guild are put to hard work. Security is of course a large issue, so guid workers have to make the proper preparations with the Ganesha familia, who fills the role as Oraio’s police force, but guild workers also have to make all necessary preparations and discuss all the necessary procedures among various parties all across Orario. Sending warnings to gods who take pleasure in any …

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 9 April 2021

Volume 16 SS The Circumstances of an Elf Who has Lost her Mind Fan Translation

Ryu was on the move.

“Ah, Syr…! Syr’s crossing arms with a man all ladylike…!”

Ryu’s face was deep red in embarrassment and her ears looked as if they were on fire as she followed Bell and Syr.

“Syr is serious-meow! That’s the eyes of a cat who had just caught a mouse-meow!” “I was hoping for a fight when she ran into Ais!” “Syr was actually a witch after all meow!” Said Anya, Lunoire and Chloe excitedly as they stood next to Ryu.

On the first day of the goddess festival, the Hostess of Fertility waitresses’s “Protect Syr’s Date Operation” continued.

Syr is pressing her body so close to Bell, her breasts are…! Ah, Bell’s face is turning red! How unseemly! Both Syr and Bell are acting so unseemly!! If I was in that position right now, I would n…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 8 April 2021

Volume 15 SS A Promise That was a Little Late Fan Translation

Sometime after the agitation that she felt towards Bell started to fade, and she started to come closer to him again.

Mia of course got angry at her after she and Bell, who was eating at the restaurant, disappeared in the middle of a busy night shift.

It couldn’t be helped that Bell being wrapped up in the situation as well was ordered to help clean up the restaurant late at night.

“Sorry, Bell… It’s my fault.”

“It’s fine. I asked you to tell me about Alise and everyone so…”

Ryu looked at Bell with a guilty expression as she tried to apologize as she cleaned one of the tables. Bell as well looked at Ryu in return with a guilty smile on his face while cleaning one of the chairs.

Anya and the other waitresses looked at Ryu amusingly after her rare…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 8 April 2021

Volume 16 SS The Amazoness’ Circumstances Fan Translation

Tiona was having fun.

“Festivals are awesome aren’t they! It would have been nice if Ais and Lefiya came with us as well!”

“Why would they want to stick around with you when you’re eating while walking around everywhere like an idiot?”

Tiona licked the remains of the food that she had just eaten off of her lips while walking with her sister. She acquired the food thanks to the badge attached to the waistband that wrapped around skirt.

“Wow” “She’s tried everything…” “How can someone eat that much?”

Said, the surrounding people with gathering looks of amazement.

As Tione said, Tiona was getting the most she could out of the 1,000 valis priced badge that allowed her to get all the bread, fruits, and vegetable that she could eat. For the energetic …

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Rqwe1 Rqwe1 29 December 2020

Story Plan

  • 1 Note
  • 2 Story Start and Story Thus Far
  • 3 Story Current Plot Points to Cover
  • 4 Story End

SO = Sword Oratoria

This Post is listing out events for the overarching events that will occur in both series, as opposed to only from reading from one story perspective, in order to track the author's overall intent for the series.

Series started as a Web Novel. Reached the contents of Light Novel Volume 1 before being turned into a Light Novel.

Plans from during that Web Novel Era should end with the end of the Freya Arc in Volume 17.

I'm not sure if we are at 70% of the Light Novel's planned story, or 70% of what was planned in the Web Novel Era.

This should be the timeline, so the link will be a fast way to review the story.

  • Volume 16, Foreshadowed Bell's future…

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