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DanMachi Volume 17

DanMachi Volume 17 will be released on April 22, 2021. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 6 days ago

Danmachi II Manga SS "One Night's Dream"

Those Ruby-light eyes don’t know.

They couldn’t possibly know how lost and powerless she felt before he saved her from the Pleasure District.

There is no way they could know how happy it made her feel as he fought to the very end.

Life working as a prostitute in the Pleasure District was hard.

The mornings were late and the nights were long, but it wasn’t as if they didn’t get any sleep. 

They would wait upon customers from when the sun began setting and work until the middle of the night. Around the time the sun rose they would bid their farewells to their customers. They were allowed to go to sleep again after that, but only until noon. With heavy eyelids they would begin their afternoon work. Entertaining over two customers a day was also a …

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 8 days ago

Sword Oratoria Volume 12 SS Instead of Flowers There was a Cry of a Supportive Girl Fan Translation

The sound of blowing grass echoed as the wind blew conveying the strong spirit of those who had fallen, laying under the earth.

With both Florvirt and Dual Rolan equipped, Bete stood with both his mind and body prepared. The gaze of the evening light shined upon the grave of which he stood before.

They stood at the place where an uncountable number of those who had fallen laid rest “The Adventurer’s Cemetery.”

In the gravestone in front him the name “Line Arshe” was engraved.

There were many companions from Loki Familia whose gravestones laid there as well. As she laid there surrounded by her companion Bete said nothing, he did nothing, he simply continued to stand there in silence.

“Seriously, I find you here standing there pouting.” “You fine…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 8 days ago

Volume 16 SS The Half-Elf's Circumstances

Eina was exhausted.

“The Goddess Festival is a lot of work isn’t it?”

“They are having us run around everywhere, no matter how much I do it feels like it never ends~!”

Eina’s co-worker Misha whined while carrying a cloth bag filled with vegetables.

Not only the Goddess Festival, but also the Monster Feria or any other festival is held in Orario, those who work in the guild are put to hard work. Security is of course a large issue, so guid workers have to make the proper preparations with the Ganesha familia, who fills the role as Oraio’s police force, but guild workers also have to make all necessary preparations and discuss all the necessary procedures among various parties all across Orario. Sending warnings to gods who take pleasure in any …

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 8 days ago

Volume 16 SS The Circumstances of an Elf Who has Lost her Mind Fan Translation

Ryu was on the move.

“Ah, Syr…! Syr’s crossing arms with a man all ladylike…!”

Ryu’s face was deep red in embarrassment and her ears looked as if they were on fire as she followed Bell and Syr.

“Syr is serious-meow! That’s the eyes of a cat who had just caught a mouse-meow!” “I was hoping for a fight when she ran into Ais!” “Syr was actually a witch after all meow!” Said Anya, Lunoire and Chloe excitedly as they stood next to Ryu.

On the first day of the goddess festival, the Hostess of Fertility waitresses’s “Protect Syr’s Date Operation” continued.

Syr is pressing her body so close to Bell, her breasts are…! Ah, Bell’s face is turning red! How unseemly! Both Syr and Bell are acting so unseemly!! If I was in that position right now, I would n…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 9 days ago

Volume 15 SS A Promise That was a Little Late Fan Translation

Sometime after the agitation that she felt towards Bell started to fade, and she started to come closer to him again.

Mia of course got angry at her after she and Bell, who was eating at the restaurant, disappeared in the middle of a busy night shift.

It couldn’t be helped that Bell being wrapped up in the situation as well was ordered to help clean up the restaurant late at night.

“Sorry, Bell… It’s my fault.”

“It’s fine. I asked you to tell me about Alise and everyone so…”

Ryu looked at Bell with a guilty expression as she tried to apologize as she cleaned one of the tables. Bell as well looked at Ryu in return with a guilty smile on his face while cleaning one of the chairs.

Anya and the other waitresses looked at Ryu amusingly after her rare…

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Kisaki Tosane Kisaki Tosane 9 days ago

Volume 16 SS The Amazoness’ Circumstances Fan Translation

Tiona was having fun.

“Festivals are awesome aren’t they! It would have been nice if Ais and Lefiya came with us as well!”

“Why would they want to stick around with you when you’re eating while walking around everywhere like an idiot?”

Tiona licked the remains of the food that she had just eaten off of her lips while walking with her sister. She acquired the food thanks to the badge attached to the waistband that wrapped around skirt.

“Wow” “She’s tried everything…” “How can someone eat that much?”

Said, the surrounding people with gathering looks of amazement.

As Tione said, Tiona was getting the most she could out of the 1,000 valis priced badge that allowed her to get all the bread, fruits, and vegetable that she could eat. For the energetic …

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Rqwe1 Rqwe1 29 December 2020

Story Plan

  • 1 Note
  • 2 Story Start and Story Thus Far
  • 3 Story Current Plot Points to Cover
  • 4 Story End

SO = Sword Oratoria

This Post is listing out events for the overarching events that will occur in both series, as opposed to only from reading from one story perspective, in order to track the author's overall intent for the series.

Series started as a Web Novel. Reached the contents of Light Novel Volume 1 before being turned into a Light Novel.

Plans from during that Web Novel Era should end with the end of the Freya Arc in Volume 17.

I'm not sure if we are at 70% of the Light Novel's planned story, or 70% of what was planned in the Web Novel Era.

This should be the timeline, so the link will be a fast way to review the story.

  • Volume 16, Introduced Helun, but did …

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Gaito Tanika Gaito Tanika 19 December 2020

Danmachi Season 4 Release

Since Season 3 of the Danmachi anime just ended, many people and fans are wanting a Season 4 to come out. Though that may take some time after listening to some other's opinions on it.

Here's the information currently available: There's no word from J.C. Staff or any company relating to the anime production, the 4th season will likely adapt Volumes 12, 13, and 14 (maybe a bit of Volume 15 too), it has the ratings for another season renewal, a good viewership/ popularity, and also having the source material needed for the anime adaptation. In all likelihood, I believe there will be a 4th season of Danmachi, however, the time of release may be an issue.

My prediction is that it could maybe release in Fall 2021, since if we go by the time it to…

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Rqwe1 Rqwe1 29 November 2020

Danmachi History Events

Era of heroes, started with the Hero Argonaut. During this era, people didn't have deities available to give them falna. Instead of Falna, Spirits, born from the will of the gods and sent to the lower world to aid humanity in facing monsters, would grant people their blessings. Spirits seemed to have had the power to turn into swords, use spirit magics, and possibly possessed other abilities, as well.

This era is far prior to the current story. The gods first descended to the lower world 1000 years ago, with early descenders being Ouranos and possibly others. Mercenary King Albert Waldstein, the Empress of the Amazonesses Evelda , Queen of the Elves Celdia, and the Spirit Aria all existed during this era, having fought the One Eyed Black Dr…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 30 October 2020

FAN FICTION - Battle Between 2 Fed-Up Adventurers

For Ais x Bell fans, the editor of the series has screwed with us enough. Enough bait and switch of other girls for Ais. Enough empty promises to keep waiting on Ais' return. They are just milking the series for shipping revenues. DO NOT BUY ANY DANMACHI MERCHANDISE UNTIL AIS RETURNS TO THE MAIN SERIES! No More Bait and Switch!

After the war games with the Apollo Familia, Bell took a well deserved rest. For most of the day, Bell walked around town, ate good food, relaxed and checked out cute girls like his grandpa told him to.

As he enjoyed a sweet dessert after lunch, he headed towards the Babel to look at some stores. Unexpectedly, he ran into a young elf girl from the Loki familia. The girl was not happy to see Bell.

Lefiya "Human, stop lo…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 25 October 2020

FAN FICTION - Bell Plays Cupid

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

For Ais x Bell fans, the editor of the series has screwed with us enough. Enough bait and switch of other girls for Ais. Enough empty promises to keep waiting on Ais' return. They are just milking the series for shipping revenues. DO NOT BUY ANY DANMACHI MERCHANDISE UNTIL AIS RETURNS TO THE MAIN SERIES! No More Bait and Switch!

After Danmachi light novel 14, it took weeks for Bell to recover from his wounds on the 37th floor. A few days after the cast was removed, he was feeling positive and took a walk around the town. As he passed by the Babel and turned the corner at an intersection, he suddenly disappeared. Even though no one else really noticed, the city of Orario disappeared in front of his eyes and everything went…

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 2 October 2020

DanMachi Volume 16

DanMachi Volume 16 will be released on October 14, 2020. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

  • The inner monologue at the beginning is Helun's. Helun used to be called Syr and gave the name to Freya in exchange for the name Helun
  • Helun has a magic that allows her to become Freya, sharing the five senses and one sidedly receiving Freya's feelings
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Rigel31415 Rigel31415 5 September 2020

DanMemo SS If: Quiet Dream in a Far Place

He saw a dream.

From a far away place that was not here, a dream of a quiet and serene twilight.


On the way back after sunset.

The sea of ​​wheat was spreading around. The spikes, which had large grains, were shaking loudly along with the cool wind. The landscape that glowed yellow in the rays of the sun sinking to the west was just like the Heaven told in fairy tales.

Bell, who was absent-mindedly looking around, suddenly looked up at the person next to him.

She was a passionately beautiful woman.

Her hair was gray and long.

She seemed to be upset, but Bell liked her.

Her eyelids were normally closed.

He had always wondered how she could live without opening her eyes, but in her words "even opening my eyelids tires me."

The black dress she wore,…

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DukeMonty DukeMonty 10 July 2020

Name that Character

In the final credits, this closing scene shows a cartoon version of many of the people in Orario.

Can you name them all?

Without looking it up?

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TheLordOfDread TheLordOfDread 9 July 2020

Hestia knife symbols

Does anyone know what the symbols on the knife hestia gave to bell mean?

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GodricKharg GodricKharg 10 June 2020

Danmachi Vol 12 (personal comments)

I had put this series aside for a time, as it had seemed that the author enjoyed 2-3 volume arcs.

While Volume 12 starts out a bit slow it does begin with a rank up for Bell Cranel and others.

New nicknames for some adventures, and a mission from the guild has the familiar and allies heading for a journey to set a new Familia record for their dungeon level.

What they discover is anything but simple.

This volume can easily be read as a story all on its own, the epilogue is the only part that really leads you into the next Volume’s journey.

Being in a mood to read just one volume and get back to one of my other favourite series, suddenly I’m craving for more Bell.

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Eragon Cranel Eragon Cranel 1 April 2020

DanMachi Season 3

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Kakerumaiko Kakerumaiko 21 January 2020

Sword oratoria SS:Guilty

Guilty is a special story included in the Sword oratoria Volume 8 limited edition booklet.

"It took a lot of time to inquire about the information... Elfy,  they didn't know if they were the first that had gathered it?" Lefiya asked the Amazons while jogging through the streets of the city.

At noon, all the groups were dispatched to the streets to gather clues about the artificial dungeon Knossos. Lefiya wanted to meet with the group members who had collected the information separately and was rushing to the designated meeting place - "Huh!?"

The corner of Lefiya 's field of vision happened to capture the back of the white-haired boy and the blonde girl walking next to each other.

That human, and ... Miss Ais!? Obviously from different Familia…

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Kakerumaiko Kakerumaiko 14 January 2020

Special words of the wind

"Special Word of the Wind" is a special story included in the DanMachi Volume 14 limited edition booklet.

Volume XIV Special Word of the Wind

"Miss  Ais what kind of place are the deep floors?" I was in a very good mood, but it is something I really want to know. The more I  trained, the more I understood the distance between us, and more I was frustrated at the heights that I could only look up to. But I was afraid of doing nothing. Even though I knew the distance between her and I would not be reduced, I asked her anyway.

"Deep? ... It's a  terrible place?"

The area is surrounded by blue skies.  We are on top of the huge wall that surrounds Orario.

Glancing at me, who was in bad shape as result of the training, Miss Ais responded. "After goin…

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Kakerumaiko Kakerumaiko 29 December 2019

Elf in love

"Elf in love" is a special story included in the DanMachi Volume 12 limited edition booklet.

"B-Bell-kun!  Eh, tonight ... I was wondering, if you would like us to have dinner together!" Eina went down and invited the boy to dinner.

Before the Expedition to the Lower Floors that the Hestia Familia was preparing for. At the time when they finished their classes on the Dungeon that were held at the headquarters of the Guild.  When Eina threw her voice to his back while he was returning his book. Bell turned around looking curious.

"Now?  However, it is quite late ..."

"Err, w-well, t-that's why I said it !!  Since it's so late today, I thought I'd end up having dinner alone ... Y-Yes, it's just that, do you understand?  N-N-N-N-N, I have no othe…

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Kakerumaiko Kakerumaiko 29 December 2019

The Goddess's Shock

The Goddess's Shock is a special story included in the DanMachi Volume 12 limited edition booklet.

"'Ox Slayer, that is Bell-sama's new Skill". The day Bell received his Level up. Hestia told the rest of the familia about the new skill of the boy . She was sharing the information and considering its use in the exploration of the Dungeon. While all the members excluding Bell were gathered in the living room. 

Haruhime in her maid outfit exclaimed with admiration. "Including the accelerated growth skill this is the third one, right?”

“If we say that all three are Skills related to combat, as an adventurer, it should be quite an excellent status, isn't it? In the case of Bell-dono, the Development Skills are also appearing auspiciously."


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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 29 November 2019

Episode Freya

Familia Chronicle Episode Freya will be released on December 15, 2019. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

  • Freya and Syr confirmed to be separate. Freya met her in the slums and made some kind of deal with her, the important parts are intentionally removed
  • Ottar's stats: Str S999 End S999 Dex S991 Agil S989 Magic D566. Magic is Hildis Vini and has 2 skills. The effect of Ottar's magic is intentionally listed as ???
    • Ottar has the Hunter (E), Abnormal Resistance (E), Magic Resistance (F), Crush (G), and Strong Body (G) development abilities
    • Vana Arganture (): Vana Arganture allows Ottar to beastify, raising all of his abili…

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Roby singh Roby singh 25 October 2019

Fanfic idea

Did anyone of you thought about doing a fanfic with Ottar as the MC? If yes, how would it be like ?

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Kevhunt06 Kevhunt06 14 August 2019

Sword Oratoria Volume 12 Personal Thoughts and Things I Think Could Have Been Done Different

As come at no surprise to anyone at this point I do not like how Sword Oratoria volume 12 was written. While I have a large issue with Bell saving everyone in the spin off, there are other parts that I had thought would play out differently than they did, build ups that weren’t used. Honestly I think the author could have done much better than he did. I would actually call it a betrayal of my expectation as I believe Oomori is better author than what was shown here.

Keep in mind that by and large most thing that make it into a story are writing choices on the part of the author, though sometimes influenced by their editor; hopefully in the interest of helping the author improve his or her story. Somethings will always be necessitated by the …

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Makheshvara Makheshvara 11 August 2019

The new status of Ryuu if she gets the fifth level.

At the time of the creation of the post, Ryuu had not yet joined the Hestia family, so this post is closer to fanfiction. Not yet announced about her intentions or their absence.

But I have long had a few ideas about her updates on the fifth level. Also, I don’t mind adding ideas from other fans, with a little description. (How does this relate to Ryuu or where could it come from?)

Potentially one could get:


Development Abilities.

Spirit Healing.
Automatically begins to restore the owner’s mind at a low speed after using magic. It will be extremely useful for Ryuu due to the presence of healing and attacking magic. Very compatible with her incredible parallel singing and her extra abilities.



Furious wind.
The feeling of revenge fo…

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Makheshvara Makheshvara 10 August 2019

If Bell were in the Loki family. (my archive)

This post is the main answer to a question like “If Bell Were in the Loki Family”. I already answered earlier, but at that time the post was deleted by the creator of the post. It would be more convenient for me if this would be transferred to the archive.

The post is written at the time of the release of the DM series, the second season. So new ones may appear on the wiki. In this case, this question may come up again. This is my artificial archive or closed topic.


"Despite some gaps in the plot and inaccuracies in the statistics, I completely agree with the author in one thing - Bell gathered his family only because he was a loser (too weak).

I'll explain now.

Skill growth. The desire to get closer to Ais. It appeared when he thought he w…

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Eragon Cranel Eragon Cranel 30 July 2019

POLL - Hestia Familia - New Members Election


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LegancyZ LegancyZ 20 July 2019

Fanfic - Retry


Crimson eyes suddenly opened in shock in the middle of the night as a white-haired boy jerked up in a panic on his bed.

"Huh? A...bed?"

Was it a hallucination? A dream? He pinched himself to check. It wasn't.


A look of confusion crept it's way onto the boy's face as he looked at his surroundings, he hadn't had the luxury of sleeping on a bed for quite some time.

He tried getting up but a wave of nausea overtook him, causing him to fall down on the wooden floor.

His body felt weird, outlandish, as if he was not used to it. Everything around him was spinning, forcing him to close his eyes.

"Bell, are you alright?"

A gentle, elderly voice spoke from the other side of the door to the room before opening it.

"My...head." Bell slightly…

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Zehier G. Zehier G. 14 July 2019

Vol. 15Dm - Vol. 12SO - Vol.16 Dm

I was thinking, that the lack of mention of the events of Vol 12 of So in volume 15 of danmachi are due to not disturb the history of volume 16 (that or the author of really twisting the timeline). I believe this for these three points:
1- The Vol 15 of damachi is and it was said long ago that it was a volume of daily life. So no major battle would be carried out.
2- At the end of the vol 12 of oratory sword, the original demi-spirit was never found or eliminated, so it is still alive.
3- Syr was always a mysterious person, the only thing we know for sure is that he has some kind of connection with Freya. Before, some have thought that Syr could be a spirit linked to the goddess of beauty or something like that.
With this, I believe that Vol 1…

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Pheonixxed Pheonixxed 13 July 2019

Is it possible to change familias?

asking for someone to reply, im confused because id love it if bell lili and welf were in the same familia

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 4 July 2019

FAN FICTION - My True Calling

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A New Start

After his grandfather disappeared, Bell Cranel went to Orario to become an adventurer. Living in a cheap hotel, he went around to the various familias. Even though the rabbit boy was rejected by everyone, he kept trying.

It was Bell's 3rd day in Orario, as he walked around the city, a large badass-looking Boaz walked up to him.

Boaz "Do you wish to join a familia?"

Bell "Yes I do!"

Boaz "Then follow me"

Thus the rabbit boy followed the Boaz as he headed towards the entertainment district...

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

As the rabbit boy followed the Boaz through the entertainment district, he was getting worried. Many scantily-cladded amazons made offers along the way, and many in the past have said that he was a pretty boy…

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Nk0xx Nk0xx 17 June 2019

Danmachi Livestream

The Memoria Freese twitter tweeted that there is going to be a livestream in a couple hours, im not sure if everyone saw as not everyone is likely to both have twitter and follow them.  (read more to click links)

Link to tweet here

Link to stream here

from my understanding there are going to be a couple "big" announcements. Its at 3:30 AM PDT, so in roughly 5 hours after posting.

Just figured i'd post this in case anyone wanted to watch or didn't know.

Thanks for your time.

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 12 June 2019

Sword Oratoria Volume 12

Sword Oratoria Volume 12 will be released on July 12, 2019. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

To conclude, this is a story that won't be handed down. Who won, who lost, who survived, who died, who howled, who laughed, and who wailed won't be known. There is no money or fame, and those that fall will not leave their names in history. Forgotten by everyone, they simply join the funeral procession in heaven. However, they confront it, the great evil, the extremely malicious darkness. For order, for pride, for bonds, they - the adventurers face their final decisive battle. "1000 years later, the adventurers will once aga…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 1 June 2019

FAN FICTION - Hestia Familia in a Tournament

Chapter 1 - Denatus

After DM15 and SO12, there was yet another Denatus. With the large number of members leveling, Hestia was quite the life of the party. Unfortunately for Hestia, she also had to protect many members from getting unacceptable names.

Loki "I think we should give Hestia's children some fun names"

Hestia "Flatsy, how dare you threaten my children!"

Hermes "Fun is good!"

Hestia "I am going to pulverize you later"

Hermes starts to back off, knowing the beating he may receive. At the same time, Miach and Take voiced their support of Hestia. As it seemed that the tide was turning in Hestia's favor, Freya got up to speak while all the male gods had stars in their eyes...

Freya "I am also in favor of giving fun names for Hestia's childre…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 25 May 2019

Fan fiction: Diminished Reputation Epilogues


10 years later. Orario was safe and peaceful. That was thanks to the level 10 argonaut hero, his level 8 golden-eye girlfriend and their friends who defeated the black dragon.

At the home of Bell and Ais, there were 3 little rabbits running around. The exhausted parents had to chase Bell Jr., Zeus Jr and Aria Jr. all the time. With the little rabbits' special skills manifesting, even enlisting the help of the 2 goddesses and elf momma were not enough. Desperate for a rest, they called on all their familia friends for help. It was a battle of wits, power, guile, speed and simple will-power.

Someone knocks on the door and Bell goes to open the door

Bell "Finn, Bete, Tiona, Tione, Lefiya, Gareth, good to see you"

Finn "Argonaut hero, good…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 17 May 2019

Fanfiction: Diminished Reputation

Chapter 1 - Caught Red-handed in the Act (PG13)

----- After Events of DM15 and SO12 -----

It all started out as training. Very aggressive training. But then it became something more. Something hot and steamy. But then it all went wrong.

Ais and Bell were both in a good mood. Ais got her final victory over Revis, and Bell finally recovered from his injuries. They ran into each other after the guild announced Bell's stunning level 5 advancement. The historic rise to becoming a 1st class adventurer after less than 6 months. After congratulating each other, they finally had the time to do the training they agreed to a month ago.

As both stealthly met up at the usual place before sunrise the next day, they eagerly started their usual sparring. And …

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 13 May 2019

Why is Danmachi a Big Success

I think we all agree Danmachi is a very success enterprise. What makes it so successful? How is it differentiated from other stories?

Well first, the author chose to make the central theme that the male MC is saved by a pretty girl (often thought of as MC2) who is much more powerful than him. And the humiliation the MC suffered as a result of his weakness and falling for the pretty girl at first sight drove his extremely-strong feelings that provided the impetus for his unique unprecedented special Liaris Freese. This aspect of the story seems quite unique.

So you got a class of readers that feel for the MC and wants him to rapidly improve and be worthy of getting the girl. Many in this class cannot wait for the MC to keep leveling at the un…

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Kevhunt06 Kevhunt06 10 May 2019

On Danmachi Plot Holes and Contrivance

I'm going to try and adress two plot hole, the dungeon is dangerous and pre-emptive leveling; as well as several points of plot convinience here that are the author's way of trying to find his way out of the corner he has wrote himself into due to Liaris Freese and the resulting level gap between Bell and his friends.

This isn't going to be a solution that Bell or the author by extension would likely be happy with but life isn't fair is it. Given Oomori's trouble with sticking to a planned plot and his tendency to diviate I'd guess he is more of a discovery writer than a planned one. So rather than fighting, and failing, to try and bring the story back to what seems to be his planned plot of having Bell and his friends adventuring together …

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 8 May 2019

DanMachi Volume 15

DanMachi Volume 15 will be released on June 15, 2019. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the volume in the comments below

Note: Don't read anything below the summary if you don't like spoilers

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Illustrations
  • 3 Spoilers
  • 4 SS

Having overcome the worst in the deep floors, Bell and the others manage to return to the surface. The results of each of their adventures is proof of their "growth". While rejoicing at their certain advancement, each of them reflect on the path they've taken so far. The boy returns to the day everything began. The Goddess narrows her eyes at the hearth's light displaying memories of the past. The small girl overcomes her ashen past. The blacksmith looks up at the sky that's seen past days. The ad…

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Aliemi105100 Aliemi105100 5 April 2019



Prologue: The Nightmare

“Any news?” Finn asked Raul

“Not certain news but whispers of rage in Dungeon. Not sure between who, Captain”

“Can it be Evilus, Finn?” Asked Riveria

“Possible. Gareth, which familias are on expedition?”

“None of the big ones to mention but at least 3_4 expedition are already lunched by middle familias” So, it’s time I have to act now. I won't lose this oppornitunity

“Loki I need your help. Raul, Aki, I have a mission for you”

Yes captain

“Gareth, Riveria summon all warriors. We are heading to hunt Evil…” _____________________________________________________________________________________________

“Ottar and Shakiti’s teams are in position, waiting for sign” Finn raised on the plat…

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Roby singh Roby singh 15 March 2019



After the series of events happend in the man made labyrinth, Knossos was now inaccessible for anyone.

In Twilight Manor the elite of the Loki Familia were discussing their ideas on what happened a few days earlier.

"How is it,Loki? Dedalous street." Finn asked while gazing at his deity

"Mmmh...We all saw what happened there,thought i still can't believe it."Loki was keeping eyes close as thinking intensively of something.

"Aye.We can't enter the labyrinth, without takin' out the yellow-green walls"Gareth said while stroking his bearb.

"The situation is still uncertain. We need to keep an eye on things down there." Riveria said while contemplating what happened when they were in the man-made labyrinth.

"In this momen…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 13 March 2019

FANFICTION - A View of the Future

this takes places after the events of Danmachi LN#14.

it is a rare show at the orario colessum, though instead of the monsterphilia, it is more like a live action play. most of the familias went to see the show, which featured some historical reenactment of the old stories including the battle against oebd. 

bell went with his familia including the itty-bitty goddess. ais went with her familia and the flat goddess. the waitresses at the hostess of fertility also dragged mia with them. all the famous characters were there to be seen. hermes was seen petting the head of asfi probably to force her to participate in some scheme he just hatched. even freya went with her familia including ottar sitting on her right. 

security was very tight conside…

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 22 February 2019

Movie Premiere Author Interview

Questions are roughly translated and answers are mostly paraphrased. I've skipped some questions that I didn't feel were important. For the author's interview in the movie pamphlet, see here

This interview does have movie spoilers for those who want to avoid them

"It's been 6 years since DanMachi was first released (January 15, 2013), but what has the series become to you?"

Oomori makes a joke that it's supporting his life, but then becomes serious and hopes that he'll be able to continue DanMachi in various ways once the main series and spinoff end. Whether it keeps on selling or not, DanMachi would the most special series to him

"What did you think when your most special series became an anime then a movie?"

Oomori had been watching the movie…

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 17 February 2019

Arrow of Orion Author Pamphlet Interview

Questions are roughly translated and answers are mostly paraphrased. I've skipped some questions that I didn't feel were important. For the author's interview for the movie premier, see here

This interview does have movie spoilers for those who want to avoid them

"I've heard that this is your first anime script"
The author asked his editor if they'd allow him to write it and the movie staff readily agreed to his request. He states that he felt motivated by the thought that people would come to the theater to watch since he'd done the same as a child. He admits that there are parts that clashes with preexisting stuff but makes the excuse that it's a movie

It's noted that the Masara Fruit and leaving Orario on dragons in the movie is a homage to…

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Angelo Gabrini Angelo Gabrini 14 February 2019

DanMachi Arrow of Orion

DanMachi Arrow of Orion will be released on February 15, 2019. All spoilers should be posted here. Feel free to discuss the movie in the comments below

  • 1 Known Information
    • 1.1 Movie Information
    • 1.2 Other Information
  • 2 Spoilers
  • 3 Interview

  • Bell, Hestia, Lili, and Welf attend a festival.
  • Bell pulls out the spear and Artemis asks him for help. She also calls him Orion because of it
  • They travel to a different continent to the Elsos Ruins where Antares is
  • The main characters fight Antares
  • The spear will play some sort of vital role in the battle

  • Movie will also be shown in the US, UK, Australia, and several other Asian countries
  • Two movie bonus SS will be released, Unfading Journey and One Love
  • A paraphrasing of the author's latest interview concerning the movie…

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Ca1piggy Ca1piggy 12 January 2019

FANFICTION - bell's party (r rated)

the proposal took more courage than fighting the oebd. after much practice and numerous mishaps, bell finally popped the question. and she even said yes without a second thought. as the happy day for the happy couple and all of orario approached, it was time to have the bachelor's party. 

welf, of course, was the lead conspirator as he was the best man. hermes, of course, wormed himself into the planning committee. together, the 2 spent days putting together the events, and even got together former members of a defunct familia to send off bell's single life with a bang.

for the unfortunate also-ran girls, the ultimate rejection was hard to take. however, when they learned of the party, many wanted the opportunity to be the first to pop bell'…

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Kevhunt06 Kevhunt06 7 January 2019

Danmachi Extra Content Gofundme

After a fair bit of discussion we've decided to set up a Danmachi community gofundme. Our current goal is to obtain the Japanese BD volumes five and six; and then one and two. The reason for this is because there are no available scans of the SS booklets that come with the limited edition BD sets. The SS booklets contain a fair amount of Danmachi lore that we currently don't have access. 

Should we succeed in coming up with the funds necessary to purchase the volumes I will purchase them through Amazon JP, and then provide Angelo Gabrini with the scans of the SS Booklets. Anyone who wish to participate and help out is more than welcome to join and would be greatly appreciated.

Danmachi Extra Content  Link the GoFundMe page

The goal is set at …

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LegancyZ LegancyZ 1 January 2019

Fanfic - Adventures of a Pet Rabbit

I saw that someone else had done this so why not.

Chapter 1: Drunken Adventure

The pub known as The Hostess of Fertility was packed to the brim on a particular evening. The folk merrily laughed their worries away after a hard day's work. There was a pleasant feeling about the place as the female waiters delivered food and drinks with a smile and the adventurers ate with a smile. Near the back of the bar sat two people who were the topic of discussion of the bar.

"No," Aiz said for about the tenth time that evening. The Level 5 adventurer of the Loki Familia had brought her goddess to the bar because she had been nagging her for just the two of them to go.

"C'mon Aizu." Loki, the Goddess of Mischief, egged one of her favorite members on. She ha…

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Eragon Cranel Eragon Cranel 28 December 2018

FANFIC - DANMACHI VOLUME 15: The Days of our Lives


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