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Bookstore Date? (本屋デート?) is a special story that was given out to people who bought DanMachi Volume 10 at Bookwalker. It was later included as a part of the DanMachi 5th Anniversary Campaign.


On a nice, sunny day, Ryuu Lion was returning to the Hostess of Fertility with ingredients for the pub. On the way, she noticed Bell Cranel walking around the corner in casual attire carrying books. When Ryuu called out to Bell, Bell began to panic and slowly retreat, his face turning red, and nervously sweating, all while protecting the books he was holding. Suspicious of Bell's actions, Ryuu decided to rush over and seize a book to determine what shameful activity Bell was a part of.

While Bell was still shocked by her speed, Ryuu opened the book. She was greeted by a hero story of an elf using magic to slay a giant monster. As she processed what the book was, Bell defended himself in panic, his voice growing weaker and more embarrassed as he continued to explain that he noticed a book that he read as a child and that he had a day off so he went to the bookstore.

Understanding that Bell was simply embarrassed as he was collecting hero stories, Ryuu smiled as she thought it wasn't shameful, rather it fit Bell. Guilty for suspecting Bell, Ryuu volunteered to help Bell carry his books. Once Bell began to resist, worrying that Ryuu was busy, Ryuu convinced Bell by speaking like a character in a hero story, delighting Bell as he felt like a big sister was reading to him. Accepting Ryuu's help, the pair left to collect even more books.

Getting bags to carry their books, they went to the Eastern part of the city to find the books from Bell's childhood. As they were on their 'treasure hunt' through all sorts of places to buy stories, Bell was delighted whenever they found a book they wanted and the search progressed more smoothly with Ryuu helping. In one store, a woman who supplied ingredients and was a regular at the Hostess of Fertility called out to Bell and Ryuu, happy that Ryuu had found time to go on a date. As the woman continued to congratulate Ryuu for finding a man to be with, Ryuu processed how she and Bell looked, leisurely strolling from store to store, smiling, chatting, laughing, and carrying matching bags, realizing that they appeared like they were on a date.

Insisting to the woman that it was not a date, and reiterating it three times, Ryuu had her promise to not tell Syr. Once the woman left, Ryuu reflected, noting that she didn't consider it a date, nor did Bell. Regardless, she was certain Syr couldn't handle her being together with Bell the way they were, yet, at the same time, she couldn't leave Bell for her own convenience because she still had to atone for being suspicious of him earlier. As Ryuu was caught between her devotion and her apology, Bell came over and called out to her. Reassuring him that she was fine, Ryuu decided to continue helping Bell with his search, with Ryuu apologizing to Syr, in her heart, as she did so.

Later, they sat on a bank in the Central Park, noting they had recollected a great amount of books. Bell asked her if she had read hero stories when she was a kid, which she denied, explaining him she couldn't due to her family's duty to protect their home forest, asking him to tell her about them. Excited by her petition, Bell started to wonder with which one start, surprising Ryuu that he had such a side. After a while, she muttered her liking for it, causing Bell to abruptly stop, embarrassed. Ryuu tried to correct herself, however, she failed to do so, ending up with both of them flustered. A moment passed without any of them saying a word until Ryuu finally regained her resolve, stating that what she had said was not a lie, and asked him to continue telling her about those stories. Seeing this, Bell smiled as agreed to do it, making Ryuu close her eyes as she smiled as well.



  • The heroine for the story was decided by a user poll. Ryuu came in first with Ais in second place.