Canoe Belway (カヌゥ・ベルウェイ) was a former adventurer from the Soma Familia.


Canoe was a slightly chubby, short middle-age man with red-brown hair and yellow eyes along with raccoon ears and tail. He wore a light-blue shirt, a light-brown sleeveless vest, dark purple cloth around the neck that covered half his right shoulder area while a silver shoulder pad rested on the left shoulder area, blue cargo pants with a brown belt around it, and brown boots. He used to carry a magic sword that he stole from Lili until it was destroyed in a battle against the Minotaur trained by Ottar.


Canoe was crafty and greedy. He often beat Lili and stole the money and items that she had collected. He also betrayed Ged Raish after they ambushed Lili in the Dungeon, causing his death when he tried to escape, only to be killed by the approaching Killer Ants. His greed ultimately led to his demise as he let loose the Minotaur Ottar had tamed.


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