Cassandra Ilion (カサンドラ・イリオン) is a member of the Miach Familia and a former member of the Apollo Familia.


Cassandra has long dark hair and light colored eyes.


Cassandra has a timid personality and is often seen with Daphne Lauros, who takes care of her. Like Daphne, she was pressured into joining the Apollo Familia. She also has the ability to see visions, and through this, she predicted that the Apollo Familia would be destroyed, though no one believed her until they lost the War Game against the Hestia Familia.

Cassandra is shown to be grateful to Bell Cranel for believing her visions.



Soullight (ソールライト): Soullight is an area healing spell that is able to increase its effect area based on the amount of mind Cassandra uses.

Cure Ephialtes (キュア・エフィアルティス): Cure Ephialtes cures status ailments. Cassandra mistakenly believes that it only cures poison and doesn't realize it can also remove curses.


Five Dimension Troia (謳え悲劇世界の王女(ファイブ・ディメンション・トロイア)): Five Dimension Troia is a mysterious skill Cassandra possesses. It cannot be decoded, its name doesn't appear in hieroglyphs, and its current name is what Miach interpreted it to be.

Development AbilitiesEdit

Treatment (治療)


Holy Crystal Rod (神聖のクリスタルロッド): A staff worth 1,200,000 valis that is able to raise a mage or healer's magic. Apollo had originally given her something else, though she didn't like it and paid out of her own pocket for the staff instead. She has already paid off the loan on the staff. After converting to the Miach Familia, the emblem of the latter was carved onto it.

Rabbit Charm (兎のお守り): A charm Cassandra personally created from Arles' body hair that resembles a rabbit's foot. She created it after seeing her prophecy before the Daedalus Street battle. After Bell's alias was changed to Rabbit Foot, she felt it was a bittersweet fate and was happy about it.


  • Cassandra's name is derived from Cassandra, the princess of Troy and a prophetess who was cursed by Apollo to never have her prophecies believed.
  • Cassandra's surname, Ilion, is a reference to the city of Troy.


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