Coco Collins (ココ・コリンズ) is a character that appears in DanMachi Orario Rhapsodia. She is Shinonome Momiji and Tsukinokami Kaede's companion.


Coco has blue eyes and short hair that curls inward, with two petal like hairs at the top and one hair on each side sticking down at the bottom. She wears a black top with yellow near the collar, brown shorts with yellow lines, an orange jacket with yellow edges, black gloves with yellow edges along with orange cuffs with the same design, a belt, and silver breastplate. She also carries around a large stuffed animal.


Coco has a withdrawn and shy personality. Despite being older than Momiji and Kaede, she isn't seen as such due to her short height, and is treated like a younger sister instead.



Hammer: Coco uses a hammer.


  • According to her profile, Coco likes pancakes, hates fermented beans, and enjoys playing with her stuffed animal.


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