Curses (呪詛) are a form of combat similar to magic.


Unlike magic, curses are primarily used to hinder an opponent, such as confusing, binding, or sharing pain with an opponent, though like magic they are cast through a chant. All curses require a cost from the user in exchange for their power, which is a key point in differentiating between magic and curses.

The effects of curses can only be prevented or treated by using certain magic items created specifically to combat them, such as Fels' cloak, and cannot be prevented by the development ability Abnormal Resistance. This is shown by Finn's injury that he received from Revis' cursed sword, which wouldn't stop bleeding even after they tried freezing the wound.

Curses can also be crafted into weapons known as curse weapons (呪道具(カースウェポン)) by hexers (呪術師(ヘクサー)). Like regular curses, damage dealt by them require items or magic to get rid of.


Name User Description Chant Cost Debut
Phobetor Daedalus
Dix Perdix A curse that bewitches and confuses the opponent. Upon casting, a red wave of light travels across the area, affecting everything it touches. If used on a limited amount of people, the user can modify the effects 【迷い込め、果てなき悪夢】 Lowers the user's status during use DanMachi Volume 10
Argana Kalif Allows the user to raise their status based on the amount of blood they drink from someone who has a falna. As there is no cap on how much the user's status can rise, the user can potentially raise their status indefinitely if they wish to. It is also known as Blood Drain (血潮吸収(ブラッドドレイン)) and is a rare curse Harshly lowers the user's endurance stat Sword Oratoria Volume 6
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