DanMachi Arrow of Orion (オリオンの矢) is a movie for the DanMachi anime. It was revealed to air on February 15, 2019. Unfading Journey and One Love were given out to people who viewed it in theaters. The movie was announced to be shown in a certain number of countries and will be released in BD format on July 31, 2019.

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  • Special Case with design by Kimoto Shigeki
  • 32-page booklet
  • Special story was written by Oomori Fujino: The Unwilling Story Teller
  • CD 1: Arrow of Orion Original Soundtrack
  • CD 2: Audio drama version of Unfading Journey
  • Audio Commentary
  • PV and CM collection

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The entire Artemis Familia is killed by an unknown monster, leaving the head of the Familia, Artemis in complete shock.

As Bell prepares himself for his Dungeon excursion, his goddess Hestia awakens in a frantic manner for oversleeping. Before Bell heads off to the Dungeon, Hestia wishes him good luck. While heading to the Dungeon, Bell is greeted by some citizens and picks up his lunch from Syr at the Hostess of Fertility. It's noted that Ryuu has gone missing, which is causing trouble with the other waitresses to keep up with the work that has to be done. In light of this, Bell promises to keep an eye out for Ryuu and to tell her to get back to the bar when she has a chance. Heading off again, Bell runs into Eina carrying a box of misc. items for the festival that night out of the Guild. Briefly, Bell greets her as he passes by and continues to head to the Dungeon. Finally, at the Dungeon entrance, Bell rendezvous with Lili and Welf.

Inside the Dungeon, the group faces off against some Hellhounds, Almiraj, and Hard Armored. Later that night, the group along with Hestia attend the Holy Moon Festival. They soon have their attention caught by Hermes' challenge, which involves pulling a spear out of a crystal formation. The one who manages to pull the spear out of the crystal formation will not only be blessed by the goddess of purity. But also be invited to a grand trip around the world too. Instantly, Hestia suggests Bell take the challenge, just as Lefiya suggest Ais do the same. And so, the two take the challenge together in hopes to outmatch the other. Right after Lefiya tries to pull it and fails, Ais then tries, but also fails. Stepping up to the challenge, Bell tries his hand at trying to pull the spear. The moment Bell touches the spear, Bell hears a feminine voice confirming that he's the one and the crystal holding the spear shatters. Hermes congratulates Bell for his accomplishment and introduces the sponsor of the event, Artemis. Hestia who was best friends with Artemis back when they were in Heaven tries to embrace her old friend. However, Artemis instead embraces Bell whom she calls her Orion.

Back at the church, Hestia chastises Artemis for her impertinence towards her and explains to everyone Artemis' goddess background. Chiming in, Hermes explains that Artemis sponsored the event to help subjugate a certain monster outside of Orario that her Familia had trouble dealing with. Lili and Welf then claim that the grand trip around the world was really a monster subjugation quest, to which, Hermes confirms. Artemis then approaches Bell and gives him the spear while calling him once again Orion. Curious as to know why she keeps calling him that and why he has to use the spear as there's plenty of stronger adventurers than he out there. Contrary to that, Artemis tells him that the spear chose him, because of his pure soul. Intervening on the two, Hestia claims they'll accept the quest, and Welf along with Lili agrees to help as well. Making everything official, Bell accepts the quest as well and kisses Artemis' hand as a way of confirmation.

On the top of the wall, Hermes gives Hestia's Familia upgraded clothing for the adventure ahead. Soon, Ganesha arrives with three tamed dragons to ride on to their destination within 10 days. Since there are only 3 dragons, the group has to ride in pairs, and much to Hestia's dismay she has to ride with Hermes. All settled atop their dragons, they ride off into the sunrise, and Hermes informs Hestia's group that their destination is the Elsus Ruin. It's a place hidden in the great forest at the edge of the continent on the far side of Orario.

After a week of flying, the group rescues a mother and her child from a swarm of scorpions. By throwing the spear he pulled from the contest at the scorpions, Bell manages to annihilate all of them a single throw. The woman thanks them all and informs the group about how other villages aside from her and her daughter's were attacked by monsters. Although complimenting Bell for the good job he did, Hermes warns him not to use the spear again in order to not attract a "Her" attention. Later the group sees the mother and child off, but give them nearly all of their food because of Artemis' "naiveness". Since it's nearly nightfall, Hermes suggests they call it a night and set up camp there. To remedy their food shortage, Bell finds a Masalanut tree and so they have baked Masalanuts for dinner. Finished with their meal they then discuss the matters involving the unknown scorpion monsters they encountered earlier that day. Hermes mentions that the source of the monster outbreak could be related to the quest that many Familias were assigned. However, all of them disappeared without a trace at the same destination they're heading to, the Elsus Ruin. It was there that a monster was sealed called "Antares". Although it was sealed there, over time, it managed to regain its lost power and break the seal. Because of this, Ouranos assigned Hermes the quest and soon he meets with Artemis whose goal was the same. Teaming up with each other, they returned to Orario to recruit more people. Although there are more qualified people to accomplish this mission, the spear is imperative in killing Antares. Noting that it's getting late, Hermes suggests they head to bed for the night.

Before they retire for the night, Hestia and Artemis talk with one another. The subject of what Bell is to Hestia initially shocks her and she struggles to give a straight answer at first until admitting he’s her treasure. To Hestia’s shock, Artemis can relate as she feels a sense of relief around him. When Hestia asks about where Artemis’ Familia is, she answers vaguely that they’re not there and are waiting for her. Embracing her friend, Hestia comments that Artemis has changed since they’ve last met. Outside of the tent, Hermes is seen tied to the top of a tree outside of the tent. Back in Orario, Loki is informed by her Loki Familia captain Finn that the Guild has issued a moratorium on exiting Orario.

The following day, the group continue riding their dragons until they nearly reach their destination surrounded by a dead forest. At that moment, the sky above the group showers on them a barrage of light spears causing them to crash land in the forest. Although everyone, but one of the dragons was not hurt by the ambush, Artemis suspects the true target was the true target. Just then, the group is surrounded by similar monsters they encountered the day before. Out of nowhere, Ryuu appears and casts Luminous Wind on the surrounding enemies, which annihilates them all. Why Ryuu was there is because she was requested by Hermes Familia to help them out on their quest there. Immediately Asfi reprimands Hermes for abandoning them all in that forest. However, Hermes tells his Familia that he did so to retrieve more people to help them on their quest. Asfi recognizes Bell and sees that he now wields the spear. She openly admits that she wishes someone from a stronger Familia pulled the spear in the first place, which discourages Bell. Giving a report on the surrounding area, Asfi elucidates that the monsters have ravaged the land and the nearby villages as well. Also all attempts to strike back at the monster have been foiled as they can’t reach the gate that blocks their path to Antares.

That night, the group head to Hermes’ Familia camp, while Hestia confronts Artemis over her actions as of late, questioning who she really is. At the camp, Hermes ropes Bell into joining him and his Familia to peep on the ladies while they bathe. Hermes’ group is caught by the ladies, while Bell manages to avoid capture and catches Artemis bathing alone. The two then talk about Artemis’ relationship with Hestia. Meanwhile, Hermes meets with Hestia who has the spear and intended to discard it. Back to Artemis and Bell’s conversation, Bell explains how he wants to be a hero and what kind and why he intends to be. Artemis then claims that Hestia may love Bell and confesses that although she is the goddess of virginity she understands what her Familia once told her. That Love is amazing and then asks Bell to dance with her. Bell accepts and dances with Artemis on the lakeside. As they dance, Artemis informs Bell about the 10,000 years of romance that the gods were promised when they descended onto the Earth.

The following morning, Artemis elaborates on the battle tactics on the upcoming battle. Hermes Familia will act as decoys while, Artemis accompanied by Hermes and the others will charge into the ruins. Once that’s settled with the scorpion monsters ambush the base and the battle plan is initiated. Arriving at the ruins, they walk down a light blue illuminated tunnel and stop at a sealed gate. After Artemis opens the gate and they pass through, the group walks into a scorpion monster nest as their only exit is sealed up. They soon learn that the monsters there are not only capable of self-regeneration, but also rapid evolution as well. Wasting no time, Ryuu casts Luminous Wind on the surrounding enemies, but it’s not enough as more monsters start to spawn.

Meanwhile at the Guild, Eina’s favorite mug cracks alluding to a bad-omen of the sort. Eina and another Guild Member Misha then talk about how their regular Bell has been gone for a while. Just then, they notice a commotion coming from outside and check what’s going on. They’re then approached by an adventurer named Mord who submits an emergency request for first-class adventurers. The reason for it is that the monsters in the dungeon have all gone berserk and are running rampant at an alarming rate. Eina understands and proceeds to process the request.

Continuing with Artemis’ group in the ruins, they’re chased by a swarm of monsters, to which, Bell eliminates with his Firebolt spell. Drawing closing on their final destination, the group press forward as Artemis notably winces in pain. And at the destination the group confronts the great monster Antares who astonishingly has the crystallized body of Artemis within its chest. It then fires off a purplish beam into the crescent moon shaped scar in the sky that causes it to once again rain a barrage of light onto the periphery. This attack separates Artemis and Bell from the main group who awaken to the sight of Artemis’ dead former Familia members. It’s then revealed by both Artemis and Hermes that the Artemis that they ventured with, is merely a fragment of the original. Since Artemis was devoured by Antares thereby gaining her divine power to use at its disposal.

In Orario the citizens look to the sky and to their amazement there are two moons. However, Ais notes that the 2nd moon isn’t a real moon. At Freya’s Familia base Loki learns from Freya that the 2nd moon is a magic spell called Arcanum also known as Artemis’ Arrow. Although technically impossible as if Artemis would use her god powers she would have been expelled back to heaven. Though, Freya notes the possibility that she may be being bound to that world. Elsewhere in the Dungeon, the Loki Familia spearhead an offense against the rampaging monsters. Back to Hermes’ group he reveals that the spear, in reality, is an arrow created by Artemis and is powerful enough to kill even gods. The name of the arrow is Orion, which translates to “They Who Pierce” in the God’s Language. The 2nd moon hovering over Orario takes the appearance of a bow and arrow, points itself directly at the city. Hearing this perturbs Asfi as Bell has been tasked with killing Artemis and Bell himself is disconcerted by this task.

Landing near them, Antares appears before the two, and Bell tosses aside Orion and attacks Antares with his Hestia’s Knife. This proves futile as no damage is done to the beast and is noted effortlessly aside. Fueled with the determination from the promise he gave to Artemis, Bell manages to destroy one of its claws with his knife and a Firebolt spell. Antares, however, instantly regenerates a claw and fires off a beam from its appendix with the crystalized Artemis. On the other hand, the residue Artemis negates the attack as Hermes’ group heads near them until finally, she disappears. Mortified by the loss of Artemis, Bell goes into shock. Hermes’ group then act as decoys to buy some time so Bell could hopefully recuperate. Bell does after hearing Hestia’s plea to save Artemis while holding onto the Orion. He then takes the Orion and empowered by his Argonaut skill, Bell kills Antares. Not yet done, Bell use his Hestia’s Knife to break the crystal Artemis was entrapped in and stabs it in her heart, killing her.

An apparition of Artemis appears before Bell in an alternate location and reveals to him that even gods reincarnate. How long until her reincarnation will come is ambiguous as it could take any duration of time. She also tearfully hopes that the next time they meet, they’ll have a 10,000-year romance. Back to reality, Antares’ body is destroyed and the Arcanum spell is destroyed. And the entire incident is reported to Ouranos by Fels.

Outside of the ruins, Hestia consoles a morose Bell by showing him that his heroic deed not only saved Artemis, but the surrounding forest as well. Taking note of that, Bell and Hestia regroup with their friends.

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  • An epilogue was added in the DanMachi ~Memoria Freese~ adaptation of the film in which Artemis and Bell reunite after she finally reincarnates and is sent to the lower world.
  • In a top of stories that the author does not want to make a light novel, Arrow of Orion appears in third place.[1]

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