Pass Parade (怪物進呈) is the tenth episode of the DanMachi anime.

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Hestia sees Bell off in front of the church. She notes the Salamander Wool that he's wearing and Bell said that Eina claims it's a necessity for the Mid-levels in the Dungeon. With that settled, Bell heads off as Hestia calmly watches.

Outside the Dungeon, Takemikazuchi sees his Familia off as they head into the Dungeon. He's then approached by Hestia and the two talk about how their Familia's are heading off into the mid-levels of the Dungeon. A small earthquake then occurs which is noted to last longer after each time it happens. This leads Hestia to hope that Bell is going to be alright. Inside the Dungeon, Bell's party faces off against a group of Hellhounds, and soon after those are defeated, they're confronted by a group of Almiraj.

Meanwhile, Hermes and the Captain of his Familia Asfi informs him about the nasty rumors surrounding Bell. The rumors though, don't affect Hermes in the slightest as Bell has piqued his curiosity. Hermes also questions Asfi if she's jealous of Bell attracting his attention, to which, she vehemently denies. The two then head to the Hostess of Fertility and are met by Chole and Syr.

Back at the Dungeon, Takemikazuchi's Familia flees from a group of Almiraj while carrying a wounded party member. The Familia leader Mikoto turns back to defeat the pursuing Almiraj and soon after they're chased by a small pack of Hellhounds. As this goes on, Bell's party fend for themselves against a large group of Almiraj. Ouka, the one carrying the wounded party member, makes the executive decisions to not help Bell's party in favor of saving their own lives. Takemikazuchi's Familia members run past Bell's group, the Hellhounds that were pursuing them, group with the Almiraj creating a Pass Parade. Left with no other choice, Bell's group flees into a hallway and on a narrow pathway, Bell uses his Firebolt Spell against the Hellhounds. Three Hellhounds manage to pass through the Firebolt and Bell manages to defeat two of them while Welf defeats one of them. The attack left Welf with an injury on his left arm and the group soon realize that they're flanked. Bell then has a flashback back when Ryuu warns Bell about the dangers of the mid-levels and how it can affect their party. Surrounded by a large number of Almiraj, more monsters spawn from the roof of the dungeon floor causing it to collapse on top of them. After the dust from the collapse settles, Welf is shown to be incapacitated as his right ankle is caught underneath a rock. Lili too is shown to be exhausted of her energy as a Hellhound appears and fires a fireball from its mouth.

Panic-stricken, Hestia visits the Guild and learns that Bell wasn't there either as Eina inquires Hestia about Bell's whereabouts. So Hestia submits a Quest to search for Bell and companions. While the quest is processed, Takemikazuchi arrives at the Guild with a guilt-ridden Ouka and Mikoto.

Returning to Bell's group who manage to have lost sight of the monsters. It's revealed that they've fallen two floors below the original level they were on. Seeking a route out of the dungeon, they hit another dead end. Sounds of surrounding monsters then fill the air and Welf notes that if he becomes a burden to abandon him. Chiming in, Lili claims that if they manage to reach the safe zone level 18. It would be possible to make it back to the surface alive if they team up with a stronger group of adventurers. Furthermore, natural shafts located around the dungeon floors would make it possible to circumvent the need for taking the stair. As for the floor boss on the 17th level, Lili deduces that it shouldn't be a problem. It would take it a long time for it to revive as the Loki Familia recently passed through there. Ultimately, Bell agrees to this plan, and the group press on.

Takemikazuchi and his Familia, Hephaestus, Miach, and his Familia Doctor Naaza discuss the matters involving Hestia's Familia in the Dungeon. With Hephaestus unable to send any support from her Familia as the ones that are capable of entering the Mid-levels are with the Loki Familia. Also, Takemikazuchi's Familia only able to send three members, Hermes arrives with Asfi and offers his help. Claiming his motives were to help an old "friend" of his, his motives are chastised by his fellow gods as his interactions with Hestia have been bare. Even though so, Hermes claims his motives are sincere and goes as far as to offer Asfi to join the search party. Asfi, although begrudgingly agrees to help out and Hestia allows it. Although it was mentioned that Hermes' motive was sincere his true motive was to enter the Dungeon to help out. Hearing this, Hestia chimes in exclaiming that she wants to join him too. Begrudgingly too, Hermes accepts Hestia to join them and believes that Bell is alright. Bell and group are shown to indeed be alright and have managed to climb down another level through a shaft. Wanting to help out more, Hephaestus asks Hestia to pass along a message to Welf. Feeling that their current team is still inadequate, Hermes suggests they recruit another person, that being Ryuu.

Venturing around one of the deeper floors of the Dungeon, Bell's group continue venturing through the dungeon. They're now using a smelly sack that acts as a monster repellant. They're still though confronted by a Hellhound, but Welf casts Will o Wisp against it causing its fireball to backfire and kill it. Even though Welf is strained and exhausted, he claims he's still alright to carry on.

That night on the surface, Freya ponders what Hermes is up to and claims that only she can "play" with Bell. Back to Bell's group, the odor from their stick bag has been snuffed out and then a Minotaur appears. Acting as if possed by extreme emotions, Bell easily defeats the Minotaur and then three more of the monster appear. Using the dropped weapon of the Minotaur he defeated and the weapon being powered by his Argonaut skill. Bell defeats the three Minotaur leaving him out of breath and his companions distraught.

After the credits, Hestia and her group ready themselves to head into the Dungeon they're joined by Ryuu.

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