Under Resort (迷宮の楽園) is the eleventh episode of the DanMachi anime.

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In the mid-levels of the Dungeon, Ryuu and Asfi act as vanguards defeating a bunch of Almiraj and Hellhounds. Once they've finished the monsters off, the group progresses until they reach a cave-in. While Ryuu climbs the rubble, Hestia finds one of Bell's weapons from it. At the top of the rubble, Ryuu finds monster stones and empty potion vials left behind. In Asfi's deduction, she believes that Bell's group is heading for the safe zone on the 18th level. The notion is congruent with Ryuu and Hermes as well as Hestia who still feels Bell's presence in the lower levels.

Meanwhile, Welf suffers from Mind Down after overusing Will o Wisp and Lili has passed out too. Not wanting to abandon his teammates, Bell carries them further into the Dungeon and down a shaft leading them to the 17th level. Back to the search party, Hestia probes Hermes for his real motive as to why he wants to help find Bell. Hermes reveals that a certain someone asked him to and it was also out of a personal interest of his. Reaching the Great Wall of Lamentation, Bell sees the exit to the 18th floor. As he heads to the exit, the floor boss starts to spawn, but Bell manages to avoid it and reach the exit. Finally, on the 18th floor, Ais approaches the group and Bell begs her to help his comrades.

Afterward, Bell awakens in a tent calling out to his comrades and is met by Ais. The Sword Princess reveals to Bell that his comrades were healed by Riveria and her other comrades. Learning that Bell is able to walk, Ais has him report to her Captain Finn Deimne. At the captain's tent, Bell thanks the Captain and offers his services as thanks for their kindness. Finn divulges that many of their members have suffered from poisoning and that the group they sent to the surface has yet to return with an antidote. Therefore the Loki Familia plan on sojourning there for the time being. Once his business is done there Bell leaves the tent with Ais and is greeted by Tione and Tiona. Tiona acts in a vivacious manner toward Bell going as far as to embrace his left arm being so admired with him from his feat against the Minotaur. Tione also praises Bell for his feat against the Minotaur causing Bell to blush.

Walking through a forest area with Ais, Bell notes how the brightness area. The two then make it out of the forest and reach a single large tree with a brilliantly bright crystal formation above the tree. Ais reveals that as time passes by its light disappears creating night. The area itself has been dubbed by adventurers as the Under Resort, the Labyrinth Paradise. That night, both Welf and Lili finally awaken and they apologize to Bell for their incompetence. Bell, however, doesn't hold it against them. Appearing before them, Ais informs the group that dinner will be served soon.

Bell and the group enjoy their dinner with the Loki Familia and during it, Hestia and her search party arrive at the scene. An overly emotional Hestia tries to embrace Bell, but is pulled away from him by Lili much to her dismay. Hermes then approaches Bell and introduces himself and the members of Takemikazuchi's Familia that helped out. In one of the tents, Mikoto prostrates herself to Bell begging for his forgiveness. Although Bell has no qualms against Mikoto and her group, Lili and Welf have qualms against them for creating a Pass Parade that endangered them. Ouka chimes in and claims it was his fault that it happened and has no regrets in doing it as it was the right thing to do at the time. Hearing that remark puts Welf off, however, Bell admits that he would have done it too in the same scenario. As it'll take two days for the Loki Familia to recuperate from their prior journey to be able to fight the Goliath on the 17th floor. Hermes proposes they take it easy for the following day.

Once this is settled, everyone leaves the tent, but before Welf can go he's given a present that's from Hephaestus as well as a message from her. Admiring the crystal formation above the single tree, Bell is soon joined by Ais who worried about him. As the two talk, Ais promises to show Bell the city in the dungeon which excites Bell. All of a sudden, Hestia appears in between the two noting her exasperation about being excluded from the two's excursion the following day.

After the credits, Welf reflects on a flashback involving him and Hephaestus.

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