Show (悪意) is the twelfth episode of the DanMachi anime.

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Pushing Hestia forward up a roadside slope, Bell and Hestia finally regroup with the other adventurers at the top of it. Their view from there is noted to be spectacular with the combination of the arboreous forest and crystal formation.

Reaching their destination, the town of Rivira, the group enter it. The place is noted for its exorbitant prices for not only the wares but also the inn's fees. While Hestia haggles with a shop keeper, Bell runs into the man that confronted him in the bar. A scuffle between the two almost occurs thanks to the presence of Ais. Later Hestia shows off her perfume to Bell who compliments it. Lili, on the other hand, disparages Hestia for her self-absorbed tastes and Hestia retorts claiming that Lili is no better for the backpack she bought. After their argument, Tione offers Hestia to join her and the other for a bathing trip. Hestia agrees to it and the ladies of the Takemikazuchi Familia decide to tag along. Hermes then grabs Bell's attention wanting to discuss something with him at the camp.

Back at the camp, Bete returns to the camp with the antidotes for the members of his Familia. To his astonishment, Bete sees Bell talking with Hermes and demands to know why Bell is there. Finn, however, gives him a vague answer. Switching over to Bell and Hermes, the two of them observe the as the ladies bath in the nude. Although Bell is against them peeping at the ladies while they bath, Hermes argues that it's how men express their romance. Bell then recalls the same words spoken to him by his grandfather, still though, he's against peeping at the girls. It's then that Bell falls into the bathing area due to Hermes rotating around making Bell lose his balance. The ladies surprised by Bell's sudden appearance, Bell is left flustered by Ais' nude body and flees in a mortified manner.

Out of breath, Bell reaches where Ryuu was bathing. Sensing that someone was peeping on her, she throws a rock that flings by Bell at ultra-fast speed, leaving a hole in the tree that he stood next to. In retribution of this, Bell prostrates himself to Ryuu and begs for forgiveness. Later, Ryuu forgives Bell which perplexes him and makes Ryuu comment on his self-deprecative attitude. They soon reach a makeshift burial ground that Ryuu places flowers by the weapons for each. The area was the resting place to Ryuu's former companions from the Familia she once belonged to. Ryuu's companions were killed in a trap set by a rival Familia. Ryuu also reveals that she was blacklisted by the Guild because she eliminated the rival Familia. Furthermore, had it not been for Syr finding her in an alleyway on a rainy night, she would have died. This is how Ryuu started to work in the Hostess of Fertility, because of Mia's compassion to allow her to work there. Finished with her story, Ryuu speaks ill of herself calling herself a violent elf that acted out on revenge. To that remark, Bell comments on Ryu's self-deprecative attitude. Grasping Bell's hand, Ryuu claims that Bell is a man worthy of respect.

That night at Rivira, the man that confronted Bell whose name is revealed to be Mord with his group, is frustrated by Bell's progress to that point. Wanting to give Bell his comeuppance, he's soon joined by an elusive man.

The next day, Bete unloads his anger onto Bell until he's carried away by Tione and Tiona. Ais then approaches Bell and the two talk about the plan to head back to the surface the following day. Hestia watches the entire conversation and curses Bell for peeping, as he could have done so when she was alone bathing. Just then an invisible enemy captures Hestia and Bell finds out that she's been captured by a note left behind in their tent. Immediately, Bell heads to the location where Hestia is being held, hostage. Once he reaches there, Bell is confronted by Mord and his companions and the adventurer challenges Bell to a one on one duel. If Mord wins, he wants all of Bell's possessions, on the other hand, if Bell wins, he wants his goddess returned to him. Impressed by Bell's gumption, the duel begins after Mord slams his sword on the ground smashing a small crystal to bits. Briefly blinded by the move, once Bell regains his sight, he sees that Mord has disappeared. At that moment, an invisible Mord attacks Bell from all sides.

Spectating the fight from afar, Hermes along with Asfi. It's revealed that Hermes set up the entire event to show Bell the other side of what he's experienced thus far. Soon, Welf accompanied by the members of the Takemikazuchi Familia arrive at the scene and fight against Mord's companions. Overhearing the fighting that's going on, the guards responsible for watching over Hestia decide to ditch the goddess and join their comrades in the fight. Now alone, Hestia is rescued by Lili who was disguised as a Almiraj. During the scuffle with Mord's men, Welf loses the present given to him by Hephaestus and Ryuu arrives at the scene to help out the group.

Bell continues to get beaten by the invisible Mord and when his enemy was going to deliver the final blow, instinctively, Bell dodges the attack. Dodging the attacks with his eyes closed, Bell is now able to dodge all of Mord's attacks with ease. Annoyed that Bell is able to dodge his attacks, Mord draws his sword uses it against Bell. In order to counter-attack Mord's moves, Bell uses the powder created by a smashed crystal and uses it on Mord temporarily blinding him. Bell then uses his duo blades to break Mord's sword and dropkicks him in the face making him visible once again. Before Mord could attack Bell again, Hestia stops him by unleashing her godly might.

Now embracing Bell, what's called an evil tremor occurs and the ceiling of the level starts to crack open.

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  • In Ryuu's flashback, she is shown with green hair like her current hair. However, her hair was dyed after she joined the Hostess of Fertility.

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