Familia Myth (眷属の物語) is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of the DanMachi anime.


Because Hestia unleashed her Godly Might, the Dungeon retaliates by locking up the floor and spawning a Black Goliath there.

Before Bell could head off to help fight against the Black Goliath, he's stopped by Ryuu. She asks him if he should really go fight the monster with his current party, to which, after he gets everyone's approval answers yes. Amused by the answer, Ryuu notes that he's not qualified to be the leader, but he's not wrong either. Ryuu then heads off to fight against the monsters and after leaving Chigusa in charge of protecting Hestia, Bell and the party follow in suit.

While Mord and his companions surrounded by Minotaurs, Mord is rescued by Lili. At the town of Rivira, Asfi meets with Bors and his group to have everyone on in town assemble to fight against the monster threat there. Hesitant to agree to the order at first, he then learns that all exits out of the floor have been cut off. With the only way for everyone to escape is to defeat the Black Goliath, Bors and his men are then convinced to help out.

Switching over to Ryuu accompanied by Mikoto, Ouka, and Welf whose attacks prove futile against the Black Goliath. In Ryuu's perspective on the Black Goliath, she believes the floor boss' level is equivalent is 5. Continuing her attack on the Black Goliath, Asif informs Ryuu that reinforcements from Rivira are ready to help. As Asfi is roped into playing a decoy against the Black Goliath. Bors' comrades try and buy time for the mages to power up to cast a potent spell against the Black Goliath. When the mages are ready, they cast their individual spells on the Black Goliath causing it to take massive damage. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the vanguard all charge at the Black Goliath, only to stop to the realization that it has the regeneration skill.

Fully rejuvenated from its prior injuries, the Black Goliath launches several counter-attacks against the adventurers. Encroached by an assortment of different kinds of monsters, Bell defeats a Minotaur and is then approached by Ryuu and Asif. They plan on acting as decoys against the Black Goliath so the mages can cast another spell on it and will continue doing so until the Goliath is defeated.

Lili regroups with Hestia and asks that all of the supplies be gathered and Hestia has a man fulfill that request. After learning that Chigusa went to regroup with her comrades, Lili spots something wrapped in a cloth with a joker marking on it. Even with her resolve, Ryuu struggles against the Black Goliath and its regeneration ability. As that goes on, Chigusa manages to reach Ouka who requests his shield from her. Although hesitant to do so, Ouka still insists on making Chigusa cry from becoming emotional.

Meanwhile, Bell charges his right hand with his Argonaut skill and fire a Firebolt against the Black Goliath. The attack blows off the top of the monster's head, but it still fires off a Roar Blast at Bell, sending him flying into the air. With the top of its head fully regenerated, the Black Goliath goes to attack Bell with a slap move, only for it to be parried by Ouka's shield. Once Hestia and Lili reach Bell surrounded by Ryuu, Asfi, Chigusa, and Mikoto they inform the goddess that while Bell is alive he's taken severe injuries. Asfi then heads off to fight against the Black Goliath again and is soon joined by Ryuu at Hestia's request. Hestia and Lili then call out to the unconscious Bell.

An incarnation of Bell's spirit claims that he can hear Hestia's calls to him, his body won't respond to his will. Hermes then appears before Hestia and Lili speaking a quote once given by Bell's grandfather. Because of this, Bell awakens and confronts the Black Goliath while wielding a large two-handed sword, while being empowered by his Argonaut skill. As Bell charges up for his attack against the Black Goliath, Asfi blinds it and Ryuu casts Luminous Wind on it. Mikoto then briefly restrains the monster with Futsunomitama, allowing Welf to use his magical sword, Kazuki on it. Thanks to his companions buying enough time for him to charge up, Bell uses the Heroic shot on the Kazuki Black Goliath to obliterate its upper body. Bell then uses Hestia's Knife to finish off the remains.

A rhapsodic Hermes audaciously declares to the person who he promised to watch over Bell, Zeus, that his grandson isn't a failure. He in fact is the last hero bequeathed from his Familia.

Back on the surface, Bell and his companions celebrate their accomplishments back at the Hostess of Fertility. Afterward, Bell lays on Hestia's lap as the two rest easy together.







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