Hestia Knife (神様の刃) is the third episode of the DanMachi anime.


Bell recalls the day he learned that his grandfather was instantly killed by a monster in the mountains. The loss of his grandfather inspired Bell to become an adventurer, however, all of the Familias he approached rejected him. It was until the Goddess Hestia approached him and offered him to join her Familia. Back to the present, Bell locks Hestia in a tunnel claiming he doesn't want to lose and more family and goes to confront the Silverback.

At the Monster Feria Colleseum, Ganesha is briefed on the monsters that have escaped by two of his subordinates. Not wanting to solve this problem with his Familia alone, he orders his subordinates to get in contact with the other Familias to help out. This order concerns the subordinates as they'd lose face. Still, Ganesha insists on doing so claiming pride and merit mean nothing when the safety of the people is in danger. The subordinates understand and Ganesha further orders to have the Monster Feria continue and keep the fuss to a minimum. Following their leader's orders, the subordinates head out and Ganesha ponders the motive of this incident.

Meanwhile, Bell continues to fight the Silverback as his dagger breaks, and at that moment, Hestia while fleeing in the tunnel; trips and falls. Readjusting the cloth with the knife forged by Hephaestus, Hestia recalls the tip about imbuing hieroglyphics onto weapons, by Hephaestus. After gathering her composure, Hestia continues running down the tunnel.

Elsewhere, Misha informs Eina about the escaped monsters from the Monster Feria Colleseum. An emergency request is submitted to have adventurers regardless of what Familia they're associated with. As it so happens, Ais and her Goddess Loki overhear this conversation between the two guild members. Returning back to Bell who tries to outrun and flee from the Silverback, continue to struggles against it. Face to face with the monster, Bell figures Ais won't make an appearance to save him again. However, it'd also behoove him if she'd see him in the same predicament as she saw him in again last time. The person in question slays a monster and asks Eina the remaining number of monsters left. Eina answers that 3-4 should remain and thus Ais heads off to hunt them. With Ais gone, Misha compliments the Sword Princess and Eina agrees, noting that Bell's admiration for her is well-founded. She also though worries about Bell in this situation too.

Returning to Bell who is then joined by Hestia, which attracts the attention of the Silverback. It then tries to attack Hestia, but Bell embraces her after he lunges at her. They both then fall down a flight of stairs and smash throw a large wooden door. Although thankful that Hestia is alright, a disconcerted Bell asks his goddess why she didn't run after he told her too. Hestia though brushes off the comment and claims that she reciprocates his desire to protect her and recounts the promise he made to her. She then tries to give Bell the knife she had forged to him, but they're then confronted by the Silverback again. To escape the pursuing Silverback once more, Bell carries Hestia out of the alleyway they're in until he finds a hidden alleyway. Convinced that the monster was targeting Hestia, the target decides they should fight it. Dubious to that notion as Bell lacks the strength and weapon to do best it. Contrary to Bell's self-deprecating remarks, Hestia still believes in him and then presents him with his new weapon. The new knife is dubbed Hestia's Knife.

Ais finishes off another monster and is then informed by two of her subordinates of a Silverback pursuing a young adventurer. Wasting no time, Ais heads toward the sounds created by the Silverback. The monster in question tracks the scent of Hestia as she enchants her titular knife with her blood. Another flashback involving Hestia and Hephaestus reveals the quality of the knife. Hestia then performs a status update on Bell as the Silverback locates the hidden alleyway. Astonished by Bell's skill growth of 600, Hestia believes that he has the power to defeat the Silverback. Nervously wielding his knife, Bell is consoled by Hestia giving him the confidence to face the monster. Charging at the Silverback head-on, Bell unintentionally destroys one of his chains. Astonished by this, Hestia chimes in and claims that his weapon is alive and will grow with him. Bell then continues his retaliation against the Silverback, destroying its face mask and armor, and finishing it off by stabbing it in the chest.

With the Silverback defeated the citizens that live in the area appear and give Bell a jovial round of applause for his accomplishment. Hestia embraces Bell overjoyed by his impressive feat and Bell is all too happy to take it. Hidden in the crowd, Ais is shown to have witnessed the feat and soon joined by Loki who tries to grope her butt, but fails. Back to Bell and Hestia who faints from fatigue much to Bell's dismay.

A cloaked Freya standing on top of a rooftop, wonders to herself if what she did something bad to Hestia.

That night, Ganesha cleans his stadium and is happy with the outcome of the incident. Eina writes a report concerning the monster incident at the Guild. And Bell at the Hostess of Fertility drowsily sits outside the room Hestia is resting in. He's approached by Syr who tells him that Mia is allowing them to stay there for as long as necessary. Furthermore, Syr feels responsible for getting Bell roped in on the situation for forgetting her purse. She also discloses to Bell about the public's opinion on him for defeating the Silverback and that she saw most of the action and was impressed by it.

Awakening from her unconscious state, Hestia calls out to Bell and he enters her room to check up on Hestia. Bell then brings his goddess up to date with the current events and then asks her about the name inscribed on his knife's scabbard. Hestia reveals that she was aware of him constantly staring at the knives for sale at Hephaestus' store and had one custom made for him. Although concerned about the price that the knife must have cost, Hestia reassures Bell that she'll take care of it. Emotionally, Bell then embraces Hestia and she asks him to rely on her more often.

Meanwhile, in the Dungeon, an adventurer named Ged Raish orders his porter, Liliruca Arde to keep up the pace. He also disparages her claiming that he can use her as a decoy if they're ambushed by monsters.

After the credits, Hephaestus has Hestia amuse her by having her dress in a skimpy maid outfit.





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