Supporter (弱者) is the fourth episode of the DanMachi anime.

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At the Guild, Eina admonishes Bell for wanting to recklessly request access to the 7th level of the Dungeon. Bell, however, still insists as his stats are now an average E Rank. Eina clarifies this by checking Bell's stats which surprises her. To that point, Eina will allow Bell to venture to the 7th floor of the Dungeon. However, after noticing his inadequate armor, she asks him if he's free the next day.

The following morning, Bell meets Eina in the city center by the statue for their shopping trip for new armor. They both then head to Babel to get new armor at Hephaestus's shop. Although Bell is against going there as the prices they charge there are exorbitant, Eina insists and drags him along to there. At the shop, the two browse around until they run into Hestia dressed in a maid outfit. A scene between Bell and Hestia occurs and the goddess inquires who Eina is, to whom introduces herself to Hestia. Suspicious of her relationship to Bell, Hestia asks her if she's using her position to get "close" with her client, but she rejects that notion.

Later, Eina guides Bell to the novice blacksmith floor where the prices for equipment are to his price range. Taking a look around the wares in the shop, a light armor set made by Welf Crozzo catches Bell's eye. The price for the light armor set is within his price range, however, it'd cost him nearly all of his funds. Eina then finds Bell and he exclaims that he wants to buy the light armor set he found. A tad put off by his partial attitude to favor light armor sets, Eina still rejoices that he found something he likes. Still, the problem that Bell is a lone adventurer and that it'd be better if he had a party. So, Eina suggests that he hires a supporter to increase his efficiency and offers to find one for him. Bell, however, answers that he'll consider the offer.

That evening back in the city center, Bell and Eina part ways, but before they do, Eina gives Bell a bracer. On his way back home, Bell stops Ged from attacking his supporter Lili. Furious that Bell stopped him, Ged tried to shift his anger toward Bell, but is stopped by Ryuu who makes Ged leave the scene. Thankful for Ryuu's intervention, she claims that she was simply being forward. It's then noted that the girl Lili is nowhere in sight, but with that settled they part ways.

The next day, Bell puts on the light armor set he bought the other day and the bracer he got from Eina. He then leaves for the Dungeon and by the entrance, he's met by Lili. She asks him if he's looking for a supporter and offers her services. Bell recognizes Lili as the Pallum girl from the day before and she reveals that she's a chienthrope. Distraught by mistaking Lili for the Pallum from the other day, Lili smiles a small smile.

Afterward, the two talk by the fountain about Lili becoming Bell's supporter. Bell admits that he was considering hiring a supporter and Lili coaxes him to hire her for the day. At the Dungeon, Bell fights against a pack of Killer Ants and Lili supports him with feedback. After the fight, Lili praises Bell for his feat and asks about his knife. Bell answers that his goddess gave it to him and then asks what Familia does Lili belong to. Lili answers that she belongs to the Soma Familia and then suggests they collect the remaining Magical Stone and call it a day.

Back at the Guild that evening, Eina informs Bell about the backstory of the Soma Familia. The topic then changes to Lili whom Bell decides to have join him in a party and Eina accepts it. Right as Bell was about to leave, Eina points out that his knife is missing, much to his dismay.

Meanwhile, Lili tries to sell Bell's knife at Bom Cornwall's store but the price he offers is low as it's dead and dull. As Lili leaves the store she passes by Ryuu and Syr and is stopped by Ryuu who demands to see the knife she has. Lili tries to claim that the knife belongs to her, but Ryuu doesn't buy it and makes her drop the knife by flinging a coin at her. In an unnerved state, Lili flees and runs into Bell. Ryuu and Syr then approach Bell and he frantically asks them if they've seen his knife and then Ryuu returns Bell's knife. Bell then emotional thanks Ryuu for finding it after he dropped it, but Ryuu claims that a Pallum had it. The two waitresses then leave, but not before Syr warns Lili not to continue being naughty again.

Alone with Lili, Bell asks if she wants to explore the dungeon with him again the next day. And the next day, they explore the dungeon together. Lili mentions that she doesn't see Bell's knife who responds that he's storing it in his bracer now. How to pay Lili is then discussed and they agree to divide the spoils between them. In the end, their dungeon excursion earns them 26k Valis. Elated by their load, it's divided equally between them, which perplexes Lili. On the other hand, Bell insists that it was divided that way as, without her, he wouldn't have made that much money in the first place.

Elsewhere, a member of the Soma Familia complains about the gross total of Valis he earned. Misha and Eina discreetly talk about this. At that time, Ais and her comrade Riveria fight an unknown monster, while Freya plots to play with Bell.

After the credits, as Hestia returns home she runs into Bell and Lili while they hold hands together, which exasperates her.

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