Grimoire (魔道書) is the fifth anime of the DanMachi anime.


During the night at a bar, Hestia unloads her forlorn encounter with Bell and Lili to Miach. An indifferent, Miach tries to reason with Hestia, claiming Bell belongs to no one, but she doesn't care. She's then served several mugs of beer, downs every single one of them, and continues her drunken tizzy over Bell.

The next day, Hestia has a hangover and Bell tends to her need much to her annoyance. To replay Hestia's kindness that she's shown Bell from all of there time together. Bell offers to take Hestia out for a meal with the money he's earnt from his recent Dungeon adventure. Hestia takes this offer as a date and decides to do then that day and then prepares herself for it. Furthermore, she sets up the time and location of where they'll meet.

Afterward, Hestia bathes in the temple baths and meets Demeter there. Immediately after learning that Hestia's going on a date, Demeter disseminates the news to the other bathers. Embarrassed by all of the attention Hestia leaves, but not before revealing who the lucky man she's going out with.

At the time of the meeting, Bell waits at the designated spot for Hestia. Upon Hestia's arrival, all of the goddesses that were at the temple baths swarm Bell. Demeter appears and apologizes for stalking her in order to find out who Bell was. Upset by the attention Bell was getting and how he went face first into Demeter's ample bosom, Hestia and Bell escape. In hot pursuit of the two, the goddesses chase the two all across town. Both Hestia and Bell manage to escape from their pursuers, however, by hiding in the bell tower. They're both impressed by the view of the Babel Tower and decide to one day return there.

Meanwhile, Lili has her money stolen from her by a fellow member of the Soma Familia named Canoe. Unfazed by her encounter with Canoe, Lili vows that she'll get Bell's knife again.

The very next day at the Guild, Misha and Eina talk about a Soma Family acquiring a large amount of money again. Elsewhere, Bell fights off a swarm of Killer Ants and Almirajs, with the help of Lili and her magic knife. After the battle, Bell thanks Lili for saving his life and for using a precious item life a Magic knife as well. The two soon enjoy lunch together and Lili requests that she get the following day off. Her reason is so she can attend a Soma Familia meeting and Bell allows it.

Bell returns a boxed lunch the very next day to Syr and asks what she does on her day's off. Syr answers that she enjoys reading, whereas Bell finds a lot of books too complicated to read. A book on magic catches Bell's eye and Syr allows him to borrow it.

Back at his home, Bell engrosses himself in reading the book's contents and answering the questions that arise from it. That night, Hestia awakens Bell from his slumber and she's told about the book on magic he got from Syr. Hestia then performs a status update on Bell and to their astoundment, Bell is now able to cast Fire Bolt magic. Educating Bell more on magic, Hestia reveals that his magic is of the chant-less type and suggests that he try it out in the dungeon the next day. However, Bell's urge to try out his Fire Bolt magic immediately has him venture off during the night to the dungeon. There he uses it against a pack of Goblins. Now deep inside the Dungeon, Bell tries to head back, but faints due to fatigue. Soon Riveria and Ais arrive and find the unconscious Bell. Regaining consciousness on Ais' lap, Bell rolls away in a frantic manner, leaving Ais feeling perplexed.

That morning at his home, Bell laments on running away from Ais again and Hestia awakens from her slumber. She then realizes that the book on magic that Bell had was really a Grimoire and reveals the properties of it as well. Wanting to repay the costs for the book, Hestia reveals the exorbitant price of them and reassures Bell that she'll handle the rest. Hestia's reassurance has Bell distraught as he doesn't want her to do such a thing for him, however, she still insists. Later Bell apologizes to Mia about his mistake, but she doesn't hold it against him.

While Eine does some shopping in a general store, she runs into the goddess Loki and a member of her Familia Riveria. Because of this meeting, Eina makes Riveria purchase some expensive Soma Wine for Loki so she can answer her question on the Soma Familia. Loki then reveals that the Familia doesn't worship Soma, but the wine instead.

Somewhere else in town, Lili is stalked by Canoe, and when Bell finds this out he's confronted by Ged, Lili's former partner. Ged offers they team up against Lili for her money, but Bell rejects the offer. Lili then approaches Bell and asks him what he talked about with Ged. Bell brushes it off as nothing and asks the same about Lili who brushes it off as well. They both then head off for the Dungeon as Lily suspects their time together is soon going to be over.






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