Liliruca Arde (理由) is the sixth episode of the DanMachi anime.


Lili's backstory is told and it explains that due to her constant abuse from her adventuring party, she grew to despise all adventurers.

At the Twilight Manor, Loki enjoys more of her Soma Wine and discloses more information on the Soma Familia to Eina. Apparently, the Soma wine sold on the market is a "failed product" and that the true wine allows a person to experience a true drunken state. Furthermore, the Familia only exists for that wine. Because of this, extortion and sacrifices are made all around the members of the guild. Finished divulging this information to Eine, Loki goes with Ais to perform a Status Update on her.

Elsewhere, Lili prepares herself for something, while at the church, Hestia and Bell talk about how Lili is the target of some bad-adventurers. Hestia though, believes that Lili has ulterior motives and that she can't be trusted. Even though Bell seemingly acknowledges this fact, he still trusts her.

Outside the Dungeon the next day, Bell meets with Lili, who suggests they start at level 10 this time. Hesitant to do this, Bell is convinced after Lili coaxes him to do so. Unbeknownst to the two, Eina is performing a dungeon inspection and runs into Ais. Back to Bell and Lili, as they head straight down to level 10, Lili gives Bell a baselard, which is a short sword. This is to compensate for the short reach of Bell's knife. On the surface, Eina and Ais talk about how Ais saved Bell before. During this conversation, they overhear another conversation between Canoe, Ged, and two other companions of Canoe. It involves how Lili will scam another sucker soon. Deducing that the person they were referring to was Bell, Eina asks Ais for a favor.

Down on the 10th level, the two are confronted by an orc and Bell faces off against it. Meanwhile, in Hephaestus' shop, as Hestia performs her duties there, Eina warns her about Lili. Back to Bell vs the Orc, he manages to defeat it with his baselard and another with his Fire Bolt spell. Glad to have beaten the two orcs, Bell notices that Lili is nowhere in sight. Bell sees that he's surrounded by a bunch of monster lures. Just then a group of orcs starts to appear and as Bell tries to defend himself against them, Lili steals his knife from him and abandons him.

Out of Bell's sight, Lili undoes the magic spell that gives her beastman ears. She then heads to the dungeon's exit while claiming she'll sell Bell's knife for a good price and be emancipated from the Soma Familia. On the way, she's tripped by Ged who proceeds to beat and partially strip her of her clothing and hidden weapons. Soon Canoe and his crew arrive at the scene and betray Ged by using Killer Ant Corpses to attract more of them so they can swarm the two. Panic-stricken, Ged tries flees, but is killed on the way by some Killer Ants. Canoe then strikes a deal with Lili and she relinquishes her Gnome lockbox key to him. Still, however, Canoe uses Lili as a decoy for him and his comrades to escape. Although Lili accepts her fate, she still laments over her perpetual bad luck. Right before her demise, Bell casts Fire Bolt that incinerates the Killer Ants.

Meanwhile, Eina implores that Hestia convince Bell to sever his ties with Lili, however, she refuses too. Her is that Bell doesn't want to abandon her and she stands by his decision. As this conversation goes on, Bell fights off against the remaining Killer Ants to rescue Lili. With the last ant slain, Bell reveals to Lili that when she disappeared, an unknown person slew the remaining orcs. From there Bell then headed straight for Lili and rescued her, much to her dismay, as she betrayed him. Bell, however, forgives her.

Afterward, Bell apologizes to Eina for losing the bracer she gave her, but she doesn't mind. What matters to her is that he's safe. The next day, Bell meets up with Lili again and reforms their partnership with each other.






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