Ais Wallenstein (剣姫) is the seventh episode of the DanMachi anime.


Seated in her personal library, Freya notes Bell's growth progress, but his hesitancy concerns her. However, she believes that once he overcomes this hurdle his growth progress with no hindrance and leaves the rest to Ottar.

As Bell and Lili go for a walk, they talk about Lili's transformation magic ability. She plans on using this ability so that people who know her won't recognize her and figure she died in the dungeon. When Lili asks if Bell is alright with her being her companion after she betrayed his trust and kindness. Bell reassures Lili that he doesn't hold a grudge against her and the two continue on to Bell's home base the church. There, Lili is formally introduced to Hestia and as Bell prepares some tea, Hestia and Lili talk about her commitment to the Familia. Lili vows to never betray Bell again and Hestia takes her word for it. Hestia then speaks about her disdain with Lili how she once treated Bell and now tries to curry favor with him. However, Hestia still entrusts Lili with taking care of Bell. From what she's learned from this experience is that Bell can't be left alone because of his naivety. Therefor as penance to redeem herself, Hestia wants Lili to prove herself that she's sincere in her vow by protecting Bell. Just before Bell arrived in the scene with some tea, Hestia imposes that by no circumstance should Lili try and be intimate with Bell. Causing a scene, Hestia embraces Bell's right arm while claiming that she's looking forward to work with him. Although flustered by this, Lili, in turn, embraces Bell's left arm and promises to uphold her vow. Astounded by this entire situation, Bell escapes from the situation claiming to have some business with Eina at the Guild. With Bell out of the picture, the two women argue that it was the other's fault for Bell leaving them.

Later at the Guild, Bell arrives at the Guild and sees that Eina was talking with Ais. Witnessing this, Bell tries to abruptly leave, but bumps into a muscular man and then into Ais who tries to stop him. Eina then scolds Bell, who apologizes for his actions and is informed that Ais has some business with him. Soon, Bell and Ais discuss the matters involving when he was ambushed by a group of Orcs in the 10th level Dungeon.

Ais then returns Bell's arm protector that he dropped on that level, making Bell realize that she was the one who saved him for the Orc ambush. The Sword Princess then apologizes for her actions that allowed the Minotaur to escape to the lower dungeon levels and confront him. Contrary to her apology, Bell apologizes to Ais for not properly thanking her for rescuing him and his cowardice in front of her. In response to this, Ais simply smiles, which makes Bell smile too as Eina witnesses the entire scene play out. Outside the guild, Ais mentions how Bell has made it to the 10th level of the Dungeon is impressive, but Bell significantly downplays it. Hearing that Bell needs a teacher to help improve his combative skills, Ais volunteers to fulfill that role.

Around the dawn of the following day, Bell and Ais do combative training on the top of the city wall. Taking Bell's knife, Ais show's him some combative stances and as she does this Bell believes that Ais is a natural fighter. When Bell tries to ask a question, Ais performs a rotating kick to Bell's face that faints him. This reinforces Bell's prior thought that Ais is a natural fighter. Apologizing for her action just then, Bell pays no mind to it and Ais believes that it's best that they spar. Using her sheath as her weapon, Ais notes that Bell suffers from cowardice, but also a fear of something, which is the minotaur. They then fight as Ais attacks Bell she advises Bell and this continues until daybreak.

In the Dungeon, Ottar fights off a bunch of minotaurs at Freya's behest. He's soon confronted by a minotaur with a blood-soaked weapon appears. Impressed by it, Ottar single handily destroys its weapon and gives it one of his own to have it master it. Meanwhile, down in the 10th level of the dungeon; Bell and Lili plan on exploring the Dungeon as far as they so can. The reason for this is because the following day is their day off. As they progress, Lili notices the bruises on Bell's face, but Bell simply downplays it much to his chagrin. It's then that they're confronted by a large group of imps. With Lili offering support with her Little Ballista, Bell slays the imps. Soon some Orcs appear and the remaining imps group with them. Believing that they should retreat in order to regroup, Bell dismisses Lili's suggestion as he's determined to reach Ais' caliber. Elsewhere, Ottar spars with the minotaur he gave his spare weapon to and breaks its right horn in the process.

The dawn of the next day, Bell continues sparing with Ais until he's knocked unconscious by her multiple times. When they stop for a moment, Ais inquires how Bell is becoming so strong so quickly. Bell retorts that he's not that strong, but wants to become strong for a certain someone. To Bell's surprise, Ais relates to that notion. They then perform special nap training as it's an imperative skill when training in the dungeon. Once they start this, Bell is astonished by how quickly Ais is able to fall asleep. A manifestation of Bell's Grandpa appears and goads Bell to take advantage of the situation. Another manifestation of Hestia appears and admonishes Bell to do that and the two manifestations get into a fight with each other. In the end, Bell doesn't take advantage of the sleeping Ais.

Back in the dungeon, with his weapon now broken Ottar finishes his fight against the minotaur. That evening, Bell and Ais walk the streets of the city and stop at a food stall where Hestia is working at. The tiny goddess then reprimands Bell for his promiscuous streak, but is later informed on the situation. Hestia allows this to continue as it'll be over in a couple of days, but enforces that Ais doesn't commit to any intimacy between the two.

After the credits, the minotaur that Ottar trained is shown to have escaped to the lower levels and it confronts Canoe. After Canoe tries to defend himself with the magical dagger he stole from Lili, he's sequentially killed by the minotaur.





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