Argonaut (英雄願望) is the eighth episode of the DanMachi anime.

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News of Ais single-handily defeating a boss creature on the 37th Dungeon level reaches the Guild. Although this revelation leaves Bell feeling despondent, however, he's still determined to reach Ais' level more than ever.

While walking down the streets of the city, Bell is approached by Syr, who has him wash dishes for her. Much to his dismay, Bell still agrees to wash the dishes in order to keep his mind off the news of Ais' meritable accomplishment. Due to the abundance of the number of dishes needed to be cleaned, Ryuu decides to help Bell. As they both clean the dishes, Bell asks Ryuu as she was a former adventurer for advice on how to rank up. She advises that he'll need to culminate good deeds and defeat strong enemies with techniques and strategies. Bell then recalls Ais' commenting on how he lacks the aforementioned things. Another piece of advice that Ryuu gives is that Bell should form a party to compensate for his deficiencies. Reinforcing the fact that a party is a necessity, Ryuu claims that it's also an obvious essential that one goes on adventures to level up. Syr is shown to have eavesdropped on some of the discussion between Bell and Ryuu.

The next day, Bell and Ais continue their sparing together and Bell manages to get in a counter-attack on her. That being the last day of their training together, Bell thanks Ais for her help, in turn, as does she. They also hope for the best for each other and internally, Bell hopes to one day reach her. Back at the church, Bell packs his things for another adventure as he informs Hestia about his final day of training with Ais. As Bell leaves to head off on another adventure, Hestia tries to show Bell his new stats but he refuses to see them until he's returned.

In front of the Dungeon, the captain of the Loki Familia Finn Deimne gives a speech to the members of his Familia on the adventure they're heading off on. The Familia will be divided into two groups one lead by him and the other lead by Gareth. Accompanying them as support will be the Hephaestus Familia blacksmiths. The plan is to reach level 18 and regroup their until they're ready to venture off to the 50th level. Their true goal, however, is to reach the never before reached 59th level. Elsewhere, Ottar gives his report to Freya, who ponders if Bell will grow exponentially from this.

On the 9th level of the dungeon, Bell notes the ominous feeling coming from that level and Lili feels it too. Furthermore, Bell notes the lack of monsters and adventurers and relates the feeling he has to his encounter with the minotaur. After briefly pressing on, they're confronted by the same one-horned Minotaur wielding Ottar's spare broadsword weapon. Dodging its attack thanks to Lili pushing him out of the way, Bell casts multiple Firebolt on it. This proves futile as the minotaur slams Bell into a dungeon wall leaving him hurt and exhausted.

Down in the lower levels, Finn's group is informed about the Minotaur roaming the 9th level of the dungeon. Hearing that another adventurer is down in the lower levels of the Dungeon and maybe a victim of the Minotaur, part of the Loki Familia set off to help. Back to Bell who sluggishly dodges the minotaurs attacks while realizing his hesitance is fueled by his cowardice. A wounded Lili awakens after saving Bell from the Minotaur attack and Bell orders her to run. Lili however, continuously refuses Bell snaps at her. Alone now, Bell faces off against the beast now dual-wielding two weapons, hoping to buy enough time for Lili to escape. The fight continues and the Minotaur breaks Bell's chest plate with its horn. Just then, Ais arrives at the scene. While Bell laments over being saved by Ais again, the rest of the Loki Familia group arrives. Not wanting to be upstaged by being rescued by Ais again, Bell confronts the Minotaur again.

As Bell faces off against the Minotaur, Bete recognizes Bell as the "Tomato Guy" that Ais once saved. Bete then disparages Bell once again for the adventurer's incompetence. Tiona asks Ais if it's alright to allow Bell to continue his fight against the Minotaur alone. Lili then chimes in beseeching the group to help, Bell causing her to faint from fatigue and be healed by Riveria. Because of Lili's plea, Bete decides to help Bell, however, he's astonished to see that Bell is capable of holding his own against the beast. While the fight between Bell and the Minotaur continues, Freya watches as it unfolds feeling rhapsodic from the experience. Back to the fight, the Loki Familia group note that although Bell's knife and his technique with the knife are impressive. Bell has yet to penetrate the defenses of the Minotaur. Defending against an attack that breaks his baselard, Bell manages to stab the Minotaur's right arm. Unable to wield its broad sword weapon any longer, Bell uses it to slash the Minotaur several times and finish it off using multiple Firebolt spells. Once the fight was over, Lili rushes over to Bell and the Loki Familia also approaches him. At Bete's request, Riveria checks Bell's stats and she reveals that all of his abilities are S ranked.

That night, Bell is shown bedridden with Hestia by his side. She congratulates Bell for his accomplishment with a kiss.

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