Welf Crozzo (鍛冶師) is the ninth episode of the DanMachi anime.

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At the Guild, Eina notes the elated look on Bell's face. To Eina's astoundment, Bell reveals that he reached level 2 in only a month and a half.

Later that day as Bell admires the horn left by the Minotaur, he gets his stats done by Hestia. She reveals that he managed to gain a 2nd skill called Argonaut. Overjoyed by this revelation, Hestia explains that this new skill reflects his dream to become a "Hero". Soon after, Hestia leaves to attend the quarterly meeting of the gods known as Denateus Day. During this meeting, a 2nd name will be decided for Bell.

Walking down a hallway in the temple of the Gods, Hestia is approached by Takemikazuchi, and the two first talk about Bell becoming Rank 2 in less than 2 months. They then switch topics to a member of Takemikazuchi's Familia named Yamato Mikoto reaching Rank 2 as well. Bell who was at the church gleefully sweeping the floors wonders what his 2nd name will be. As Bell looks at his old armor set, Hestia barges into the scene and reveals to him, his 2nd name.

That night, a dejected Bell tells Lili his 2nd name is "Little Rookie" at the Hostess of Fertility. Asked her opinion of Bell's 2nd name, Lili comments that it sounds ordinary, which Hestia believes is for the best as it's a "Safe name". Syr and Ryuu join the two at their table as the other patrons recognize Bell for his recent merit. When asked as to why the two waitresses are joining them, Ryuu confesses that it was at Mia's request. The topic then changes to Bell's plan to tackle the middle levels of the Dungeon.

Ryuu advises Bell to not venture past the 13th level of the Dungeon as the monsters in the levels past it are too difficult for him to handle. Therefore, she suggests that Bell recruit more people into his party in order to mitigate the effort in the mid-levels. Just then a muscular adventurer with facial scars and his party approach Bell's table offering him to join his party in exchange for spending time with Ryuu. On the other hand, Ryuu rejects and briefly restrains him. This causes the man to try and retaliate, but Mia intervenes causing the adventurer and his party to leave, but not before paying for their bill.

The next day, Bell visits the Hephaestus Familia novice blacksmith store in hopes to find another set of armor by Welf Crozzo. Unable to find a set by Welf, Bell approaches the counter as the man behind it argues with a man about why his merchandise is always kept on the edge. After Bell inquires the store clerk if the store has any armor made by Welf Crozzo. The other man laughs and presents Bell with an armor set forged by Welf, that of whom he is. Outside of the store, Bell and Welf talk and get acquainted with one another. This leads to Welf offering a Bell a deal, to which, Welf forges new equipment for Bell, in exchange he joins Bell's party.

Bell, Lili, and their newest member Welf reach the 10th floor of the dungeon. It's there that Lili voices her disapproval of Welf joining the party regard without her consent. Right after Bell reveals Welf's full name, Lili reveals that Welf's family was once renowned for their magical weapons. This changed when the family lost their ability to produce them any longer which ruined them. Coolly, Welf confirms the rumor and they're then Imps and Orcs start to sprout from the ground. The group then fights against the ambushing monsters and as they do, Bell notes that he's become faster. A Hard Armored monster appears unleashing a spiral spin attack at the group, but is instantly defeated by Bell's Firebolt attack. Realizing that his magic has also improved, this leads Bell to believe that he's getting closer in power to Ais.

Elsewhere, Bete, Tione, and Tiona all attack a group of Flame Rocks, while the main group observes them. Riveria explains to Gareth that what's motiving the three fighters, is the recent exploits of Bell. Feeling motivated herself, Ais joins the trio in their fight against the Flame Rocks. Back to Bell's party, Welf notices a blue and white sparkle coming from Bell's right hand. Just then, an Infant Dragon appears scaring away another adventurer party. Once the Infant Dragon spots Lili it chases after her and is sequentially killed by Bell's Firebolt magic.

Afterward at the church, Hestia reveals that the sparkle was from his new Argonaut skill. Curious as to know if Hestia knows anything about Welf and his family. Hestia is asked by Bell if she knows anything about Welf's family. From what she's privy to, the Crozzo family once were able to forge magical swords. Furthermore, if the rumors are correct, Welf is the only one in his family that can. As to why he refuses to forge magical swords, the reason is unknown.

The following day, Bell meets with Welf and informs him that due to Lili feeling sick they're not going to venture into the Dungeon. So as a special treat, Welf brings Bell to his blacksmith workspace to forge him some new gear. Although Bell is content with the light armor set that he has, Welf insists that he create something for him. Spotting a sword by some weapons hanging from the wall, Bell tries it out and is impressed by it. Welf then jumps to the conclusion that Bell wants him to forge a magical weapon to use as he must have heard it from Hestia. He apparently heard that someone from Hestia's Familia was asking for information on him. Bell apologizes on her behalf, however, Welf isn't offended. The blacksmith confesses that he was afraid that Bell's perspective on him would change once he knew about being able to forge magical weapons. Noticing that Bell was carrying around a Minotaur horn, Welf decides to use that as material for his new piece of equipment.

While forging the equipment, Welf confesses that he hates forging magical weapons because of the clientele he receives. Finished forging Bell a new knife, Welf notes that he's overall impressed by it and gives it to Bell.

After the credits, while in the Dungeon, Lili explains to Bell and Welf about the monsters inhabiting the middle levels of the Dungeon. The formation for the party is then elaborated on and the group readies themselves to head off further into the dungeon.

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