Song of Love (女神と眷族) is the twelfth and final episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.

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Hestia awakens in the guestroom bed of the mayor of a mountain village, with Bell by her bedside. Bell informs Hestia that Ais saved them and is currently seeking out the remnants of the Ares army. Just then the village mayor Caam enters the room with his daughter Lina. Hestia thanks Caam for his kindness and the mayor was all too kind to oblige. The mayor though kind tended to act in a hesitant manner toward her.

Later, Ais makes her return after trying to track down the Ares Familia and is informed that Hestia has awoken. On Ais' side, she reports that she couldn't find Asfi or Ares' Familia only where they fought. In the mayor's room, Caam looks at a certain emblem and then has a coughing fit. He's then tended to by his daughter and when he's alright he goes to bed.

The following day, as the villagers set up for their harvest festival, Hestia has Bell them out as thanks for their kindness. When Bell goes to help the villagers out, he runs into Ais in the provincial clothing. After helping out a male villager, Bell finds a small shrine with a single scale to the Black Dragon inside. As it turns out there are 10 scales in the village and because of the scales monsters don't dare attack the village. Seeing Ais looking at one of the dragon scales with a nasty glare, Bell approaches her and claims the scales are like a god. However, Ais refutes that notion, and then the two head back to the mayor's home.

That evening, Bell runs into Caam in Hestia's room and they talk in the mayor's room. Caam shows Bell an emblem of a Familia and then tells Bell about the goddess that he loved and who sacrificed herself to save him. Furthermore, he reveals that after finding and settling down in the village they're in and adopted his daughter Lina. One final piece of advice that Caam gives Bell is that he must always look after his goddess.

Meanwhile, although Hestia has recovered from her illness she considers feigning it for a while. Just then, Ais enters her room delivering her dinner for her. Taking the opportunity to know her better, Hestia asks what Ais thinks of Bell. Ais answers that she thinks of Bell as a rabbit that elates Hestia.

Afterward, the harvest festival begins and Bell, Ais, and Hestia all attend it. Once they arrive the Harvest Dance starts and while not a rule if an unmarried person asks you to dance, you become lovers. This news delights Hestia as she then asks Bell to dance and he agrees. Soon Lina informs everyone that her father is dying and so everyone visits him in his room. Caam confesses to Hestia that she reminds him of the goddess he once pledged fealty with named Brigid. Hestia then informs him that the two of them were best friends when they were in Heaven. Asking if he'll see Brigid in Heaven, Hestia reassures Caam that he will as she's obsessive like that. The reassurance pleases him and confesses that he feels eager and also scared to see her again. Taking off her hair ties, Hestia impersonates Brigid and consoles Caam as he then passes away.

Outside, Bell and Hestia talk about the life and death cycle as well as love between mortal and divines. The following day, Bell, Hestia, and Ais all leave the village and soon return back to Orario.

Somewhere in the Dungeon, a Vouivre is born.

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