Apollo (太陽神) is the second episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.


After the Apollo Familia challenges the Hestia Familia to a war game, they claim if they win, Bell will be forced to join the Apollo Familia. On the other hand, Hestia refuses to partake in the farce and leaves the party with Bell.

The following day at the church, Hestia explains to Bell what a War Game is. As both Bell and Hestia leave the church, members of the Apollo Familia surround the area and attack the church. The waitresses of the Hostess of Fertility hear noise from the Apollo Familia's attack and surmise that it's a Familia fight. Reaching the backside of the church while also managing to evade the ambush from the Apollo Familia, Bell and Hestia are then accosted by more Apollo members. Bell quickly defeats most of them and uses the smokescreen created by a magic spell cast at them as cover to escape. Fleeing the scene with Hestia in his arms, Bell reaches a dead end and decides to jump atop the roof of the building blocking the way. There he's confronted by more members of the Apollo Familia including the two ladies that gave Bell the invitation to Apollo's soiree. One of the ladies proclaims that if Bell surrenders then they'll be no need to needlessly fight, however, Bell refuses. Thus the Apollo Familia go on the offensive and Bell escapes while casting a Firebolt spell. One of the Apollo Familia ladies named Cassandra warns her partner Daphne not to mess with Bell. Daphne surmises her warning is from her oneiromancy ability and dismisses it as nonsense.

Meanwhile, Lili and Welf wait for Bell outside of the Dungeon entrance and note that he's late which is unlike him. The two then learn about the war with the Apollo Familia and the Hestia Familia, as does Ais from Tiona. Finn warns Ais that this time isn't like the times and she understands.

Back to Bell and Hesti who are still continued to be pursued by the Apollo Familia and soon members of the Soma Familia. Bell easily defeats the Soma Familia pursuers and is then confronted by the man from the bar, Hyakinthos. The man compliments Bell for making it that far and rewards him by personally fighting him. Hyakinthos and Bell then fight against each other and Hyakinthos easily gains the upper hand on Bell slicing up Bell's body on several spots.

Eina beseeches her superior to intervene on the war between the Apollo and Hestia Familias. However, the superior refuses to even lift a finger to help. His reasons for doing it is because of the account of how far the Guild can intervene on external matters involving Familias. Although Eina is frustrated by how she can't help Bell, he, on the other hand, is in a pinch as he's greatly injured from Hyakinthos' attacks. Still, Bell refuses to give in and attacks Hyakinthos once more. Hyakinthos, in turn, retaliates against Bell while noting his disdain on how Apollo favors Bell over him. Beaten nearly unconscious and his armor broken, Bell is then rescued by Naaza whose sniping allows Hestia and Bell to temporarily flee. The two are soon attacked and confronted by more Apollo Familia members. They, in turn, are confronted by Mikoto, Ouka, and Chigusa and they fight against the Apollo Familia member. Just then, Welf and Lili arrive at the scene as does Miach who heals Bell's injuries with a potion.

Escaping once more, the group is confronted by more ambushers. So Welf along with Lili stays behind to fight the ambushers to allow Bell and Hestia to reach the guild. Once Lili takes care of her share of the ambushers, the man that Hyakinthos talked with at the soiree named Zanis appears before Lili. Having trouble with the man he's fighting, Welf begs Lili for some backup help. However, Lili refuses and claims she's returning to her Familia in a trance-like state. Perplexed by this sudden revelation, Welf then notices that the man he's fighting is part of the Soma Familia.

Hiding from their pursers under a bridge, Hyakinthos openly threatens Bell that he'll have no place to hide or rest while he's being pursued. Given the situation they're in, Hestia proposes 2 suggestions. Either they fight a battle they cannot win or flee Orario. Fine with whatever choice he makes, Hestia also asks what Bell thinks of her. He answers that he respects her, which causes Hestia to have an outburst that gives away their location.

Instead of continuing to hopelessly flee forever, the two reach the Apollo Familia base and agree to partake in the War Games. After this is settled with, Welf finally regroups with the two and informs them about Lili's sudden leave. Afterward, Bell tries to gain an audience with Ais but is refused at the gate as it's believed that he wants to recruit her for the War Games. Tione then arrives at the scene and after learning about the situation, "accosts" Bell and tells him to scram. Bell then leaves the scene and heads around the corner where he meets Tiona and Ais. After a brief talk with each other, Ais agrees to help train Bell for the upcoming War Game and Tiona volunteers to help as well.



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