Conversion (集結) is the third episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.


During the night on at the Soma Familia, many of the members amass outside of the mansion begging their god for Soma Wine. Inside the mansion, Soma uses a mortar and pestle to grind some ingredients up and is soon visited by Zanis and Lili. Zanis reports that Lili has decided to return to the Familia, but Lili contradicts Zanis by claiming she wishes to leave it. Detestful being contradicted, Zanis claims that if Lili wants to leave the clan then she has to pay a hefty price of 10 million Valis. Soma vaguely agrees to these terms, simply saying he'll leave it all up to Zanis.

At a cell in the Soma Familia base, Zanis visits Lili and disparages her claiming that their god only cares for making wine. Furthermore, he states that when she disappeared before, she said nothing about leveling the Familia before. A flashback of when Zanis confronts Lili during the Apollo Familia ambush shows how Zanis "convinced" Lili to return to the Soma Clan. Now obsequious to Zanis' demands, he confirms that Lili is capable of using Transformation Magic. This information was disclosed to him by Soma and Zanis plans on using Lili and her ability for the rest of her life. With that, Zanis leaves while laughing, as the jailer sitting across Lili's cell, scoffs at him.

The waitresses to the Hostess of Fertility, Chloe and Anya talk about the upcoming War Games. It's also noted that both Bell and Hestia haven't be seen around lately and it's believed that they absconded. Syr, however, doesn't believe Bell has run away and her fellow waitresses take her word for it.

Meanwhile, Hestia holds a briefing on a plan to rescue Lili from the Soma Familia base with help from the Miach and Takemikazuchi Familia members. When asked about Bell, Hestia discloses that he's currently training himself for the upcoming War Game. Elsewhere, at the Meeting of the Gods, Apollo is frustrated about Hestia's perpetual truancy. Takemikazuchi claims that Hestia caught a cold and Loki remarks that she's probably planning to abscond. In light of that, Apollo claims he'll have to report to the Guild that Hestia has withdrawn from the War Game. At that moment, Hestia arrives and the meeting between the two Gods commences. Immediately, Apollo sets the victory spoil for his side being Bell will join his Familia. They will also honor whatever Hestia's Familia desires if they win. Also for impartiality sake, a lottery will be drawn of what the War Games theme and Hermes draws the lottery. What he draws is a siege, which is unfair as Hestia's Familia only has one person. To make things fair, Apollo allows Hestia's Familia to be the attackers, and after Freya's taunt, allows another person to help. However, it can only be one person from a Familia outside of Orario. Those conditions are remarked as "Petty".

Right after the meeting, Hestia talks with Miach and Takemikazuchi about the extra person she's decided for the War Game. She'll have Hermes handle the negotiations, but that'll have to wait until after Lili is rescued from the Soma Familia.

Back to Lili who's still incarcerated is visited by Zanis again who desires to use her abilities to fuel his rapacious ways. Called out on it by Lili, Zanis vehemently defends them, claiming he desires money, women, and wine all things that Soma has. An alarm is then set off and the jailer Chandra arrives to inform Zanis about the intruders on the grounds. Amused by this turn of events, Zanis claims that the intruders will be dealt with. Lili then argues that breaches the deal they had, but Zanis threatens Lili to feed her the addictive Soma Wine to her. That which would make her obsequious to all of the Familia's whims. Upset about her predicament, Chandler allows Lili to escape because of his hatred for Zanis.

Outside of her cells, Lili watches Hestia and her allies deal with the Soma Familia from a tiny gap in the walls. Pleading for her friends to stop for her sake, Hestia remains obstinate to Lili's plea as Bell needs her. She informs Lili about the War Games and how Bell is tirelessly training in preparation for it and need her help for it all. Moved by Hestia's plea, Lili visits Soma in his room as he brews more of his Divine Wine. She begs him to stop the fighting in the courtyard between their Familia and Hestia's. Soma, however, refuses to hear the plea from a shallow child and will only agree to Lili's request if she's able to make the same plea after drinking his wine. Lili does this and falls into a drunken tizzy, but snaps out of it after hallucinating about Bell. Once again Lili begs Soma to stop the fight in the courtyard. Soma is shown to be surprised by this, as Zanis then arrives to try and stop him, but Soma demands that Zanis stay quiet. Throwing a full vase of wine onto the courtyard, Soma stops the battle between the two Familias. Furious by this outcome, Zanis tries to kill Lili, but is stopped by the combined effort of Naaza and Welf. With those things settled, Lili has one more request of Soma and that's to transfer to the Hestia Familia to which he agrees. Now that Lili part of the Hestia Familia, Soma asks Hestia if Lili is the same person he once knew. Whereas, Hestia claims she is, but changed after she was thrown out of his Familia.

Outside of the Soma Familia base, Hestia, thanks all of her allies and they separate. Afterward, both Mikoto and Welf request their respective gods to transfer over to the Hestia Familia. At that point in time as well, Hermes along with Syr beg Ryuu to help the Hestia Familia with the War Games. At dusk at the city wall, Bell finishes his training with Ais and Tiona. In her quarters, Freya comments about Apollo and the outcome of the War Game.



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