War Game (戦争遊戯) is the fourth episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.


Bell regroups with Hestia and the new members of her Familia, along with Ryuu and are all ready for the War Games.

Riding on a wagon full of Beastmen, they inform Bell that they'll be rooting for him in the upcoming War Games. It's then that Syr runs up to the wagon and gives Bell a necklace with a green jewel. She claims that it's a good luck charm from a certain adventurer. Furthermore, she wishes him the best of luck and has a hot meal ready for him when it's all over.

On the night before the War Game, the Apollo Familia prepare themselves in their castle set for the siege. Cassandra once again has a morbid prophecy from her oneiromancy and again, Daphnes downplays it. After the gate closes and a member named Luan barely manages to make it through, he's ordered to haul a large and heavy box. In Cassandra's premonition, the trojan horse has arrived and will be the downfall of the Familia.

The following day by the Guild, a member from the Ganesha Familia named Ibri proclaims his role as the MC of the War Games. From the top of the Babel tower, the gods and their subordinates are shown to have gathered there. Being granted permission from Ouranos, Hermes activates his magical power to showcase the War Games to everyone around Orario.

At the stroke of noon, the war games begin and Ryuu begins the assault using two magical swords made by the Crozzo family. Because of this Hyakinthos has half of his men go outside of the castle and deal with Ryuu. Immediately both of Ryuu's magical swords break after a single-use against the Apollo Familia. Thus, Ryuu is then forced to use her wooden sword against the remaining members. As Ryuu keeps the Apollo Familia members outside preoccupied, Mikoto infiltrates the castle and is sniped at by archers. On Ryu's side, attacks and ko's an elven man named Lissos who dispises Ryuu for using the same magical weapons that incinerated their fellow Elven villages. Elsewhere, while chanting a magical spell, Mikoto casts Futsunomitama on several Apollo Familia members to restrain them.

As the spectators watching the War Games progress, Hermes comments to Asfi that the way that the Apollo Familia is moving is fast. Fast in such a way that someone is feeding them intel on everything. Hermes also notes that the intel can also be virulent and have a detrimental effect as well. Just then Luan opens the gate to the castle allowing Bell and Welf to enter. It turns out that Luan was really, Lili in disguise. The real Luan was captured and held in a warehouse that Miach oversaw.

Back to the Siege, Daphnes is informed about the situation, while Bell and Welf head to their location. Daphnes orders her mages to attack the two, but Welf counterattacks with Will-o-Wisp. This allows Bell to pass by and Welf to challenge Daphnes to a one on one match. In the throne room, Hyakinthos is exasperated by this turn of events. Although Cassandra begs Hyakinthos to flea, smacks her away. Hyakinthos then orders his men to take care of Bell fast when he arrives, but not kill him as he'll do that honor. Hestia's Familia members and ally all continue fighting the Apollo Familia members, just Bell fires off a Firebolt below the throne room that was empowered by his Argonaut.

The throne room and the roof above it destroyed, Bell goes on the offensive against Hyakinthos and breaks his sword in the process. About to give the finishing blow, Cassandra grabs Bell allowing, Hyakinthos to cast the spell Aro Zephyros. Lili appears out of nowhere and tackles Cassandra off of Bell, who then manages to dodge the spell, but it continues to home in on him. At Hyakinthos command, the spell explodes, however, all it does is wound and Bell does not incapacitate him. In a fit of rage, Hyakinthos draws a short sword and uses it to attack Bell. On the other hand, Bell counters the attack and kos him with a single punch.

Ibri then proclaims the Hestia Familia as the winners and those who supported them rejoice. Apollo flabbergasted by this turn of events, Hestia the winner of the War Game gives her victory demands. Those being that his Familia disband, his mansion is confiscated, and he's banished from Orario forever.

After the battle, Bell regroups with his allies and thanks them all for their hard work. Sometime after the War Games, Hestia, and her Familia gather at their new home. Hestia also changes the Familia logo to a Flame and a Bell, in honor of Bell.





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