Home (竈火の館) is the fifth episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.


Lili visits her former Familia to formally say her goodbyes to Soma, who tells her to take care. Outside of the Soma Familia compound, Hestia waits for Lili's return and then they head back to their new home. There the Hestia Familia are going through there things and welcome home Lili.

A toast is held in honor of Bell reaching Rank 3 and it's also decided that he's to be the Familia commander too. Bell then gives a humble speech and toasts in his honor. After briefly discussing Apollo's tastes in his former manor, it's revealed that Goibniu was responsible for its construction. Furthermore, Hestia reveals that she commissioned him to create a cypress bathhouse setting for them in the mansion as well. Without hesitation, Mikoto bathes in it and relishes in it. Welf checks out the blacksmithing station and is impressed by its design.

Just as Hestia, Bell, and Lili were discussing how to renovate their new mansion. They spot former Apollo Familia members Cassandra and Daphnes by the gate. Their reason for being there is that Cassandra lost her pillow and her Oneiromancy foretold it'd be there. So, Bell finds it and returns it to her. Thanking Bell for his good deed, the two claim they'll be back the following day. As to why they will, it's because the Hestia Familia is recruiting new members.

On the day of the recruitment for Hestia's Familia, a large number of people come in hopes to join their Familia. Taking advantage of the situation, Lili screens several recruits, accentuating on women who Bell may develop an attraction for. Flustered that she took too long in the baths that morning, Mikoto finds a box with Hestia's handwriting on it, reading "Do Not Touch".

Later, Hestia greets the applicants and psyches them all up with her strange chants. That out of the way, Hestia starts the process only for Mikoto to crash it revealing that they're in debt for 200 million Valis. This news dissuades all of the new recruits to join the Familia and leave. The invoice that specifies the debt owner is Hephaestus who forged Bell's "Hestia's Knife". This revelation completely astounds Bell to a state of great shock.

That evening, the Familia members, excluding a bedridden, Bell have a frank discussion over the debt matters. Since all of Apollo's cash reserves were spent to create the bathhouse and blacksmith station, the Familia members decide to perform quests in the dungeon. However, Hestia claims she'll take the entire debt burden on herself and ends the discussion there.

Afterward, Bell awakens in his room and Welf is there with him. The two then go bathe in the bathing area and as they do Hestia overhears a conversation between the two. She's soon joined by Lili and Mikoto and tells them that she plans on peeking on the men while they bath. Eavesdropping on another conversation between Bell and Welf where he explains his gratitude towards Hestia and everyone in the Familia. After hearing this, Hestia tries to climb over the other side of the bathing area, but is stopped by Lili and Mikoto.

That night, Hestia allows the rest of the Familia to help her pay off her debt to Hephaestus and from there they all celebrate.



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