Ishtar Familia (淫都) is the sixth episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.


During the nighttime in the city. Ishtar releases her Familia out on the streets of the pleasure quarter to fulfill the promiscuous desires of the residents of Orario.

At the Hestia Mansion, Mikoto seemingly heads to bed, but surreptitiously leaves to go into the city. Unbeknownst to Mikoto, Bell, Welf, and Lili tail her. Meeting up with Chigusa, Mikoto and her former Familia member enter the red light district of the city. Witnessing Mikoto and Chigusa getting surrounded by a bunch of playboys, Welf and Lili go to their rescue. Unintentionally, however, they leave Bell behind with a prostitute and he is caught in a crowd that leads him into a brothel.

With the playboys out of the picture, Mikoto and Chigusa thank the group for saving them. Mikoto then reveals that she and Chigusa were in that part of town because, someone from there homeland may be working in that district. Deciding that it's time to leave, Welf and Lili realize they've lost Bell. The man in question managing to escape the hands of some prostitutes and then aimlessly wander around the area. During this excursion, Bell spots a Renard who disappears a moment after he sees her. Surprised by this, Bell is then approached by Hermes. To keep his presence there a secret between the two, Hermes gives Bell a small aphrodisiac vial. Chasing after Hermes to return the vial, Bell runs into a prostitute named Aisha. She immediately takes advantage of Bell and keeps at bay her fellow prostitutes at bay. Bell is then brought to the Ishtar Familia base and as it turns out Ishtar is there. In a flashback involving, Eina warns Bell about the Ishtar Familia.

In a separate room within the Ishtar Familia base, Bell is with Aisha and the other prostitutes. There they reveal that Amazonians capture men to have their ways with them until they're done and plan to do the same with Bell. Just as things couldn't get any worse, Phryne comes into the picture hoping to get a "taste" of Bell. The other Amazonians prostitutes reject that notion, but despite their argument with one another. They decide to settle the matters Amazonian style, that is whomever manages to catch Bell first will get him for the night. Once this was decided Bell escapes the base, but rumors of his capture spread across the pleasure quarter.

Bell hides in a far eastern style brothel and inside it, he meets the Renard he saw before again. Her name is Haruhime. She leads Bell to her bed to try and satisfy his needs, but faints after seeing his collar bone. Once Haruhime wakes up from her unconscious state, she learns that Bell wasn't a customer and his current situation. So, in exchange for being lead out of the pleasure quarter through a secret passageway, Haruhime requests that Bell talk with her until dawn. He does this and talks about his reason for becoming an adventurer. Haruhime then explains her backstory as someone originally from the far east. Hearing that Haruhime is also a fan of the Dungeon Oratoria, the two then talk about the stories in that book.

Back at Ishtars base, Hermes talks with Ishtar over a package he delivers to her. The conversation switches over to Freya who was indirectly mentioned as someone Ishtar hopes to "dethrone". Returning to Bell and Haruhime, as they continue talking about their similar interests in heroic stories. Admittedly, Haruhime mentions how she wishes that she could be emancipated from her current predicament by a hero. She, however, doesn't think this is possible as she's a prostitute.

Dawn reaches over the horizon and Haruhime leads Bell down a secret pathway leading to Daedalus Street. Saying her goodbyes to Bell who feels awful for Haruhime, Ishtar plans on capturing Bell in order to get under Freya's skin.



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