Renard (狐人) is the seventh episode of the second season of the DanMachi anime.

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Returning to the Hestia Familia base, Bell is disciplined by Hestia for spending the night in the pleasure quarters. Despite Mikoto's plea trying to take responsibility, Bell is forced to chores for the neighbors. While doing these chores, Bell overhears a few kids playing Hero, Princess, and Monster. The kids playing remind him of Haruhime and how she yearns a hopeless dream of being rescued by a hero.

Taking responsibility for their actions back in the pleasure district. The rest of the Hestia Familia join in to help Bell with his assigned chores. Mikoto also reveals that the friend she was looking for in the pleasure district was a Renard. Bell recalls Haruhime was one and asks if she was the friend Makoto was seeking and it was. Lili then chimes in and claims that she knows what Bell is thinking about rescuing Haruhime, but she admonishes that notion. This is because Bell has already recently gotten himself out of the War Games and would be jumping into another battle. Welf and Mikoto concur with Lili on that sentiment and believe it's best to let the matter be.

Meanwhile, Hermes begs Mia to relay a message to Freya about Ishtar taking interest in Bell. Syr overhears this and although calmly, pressures Hermes as to why Bell is now an interest of Ishtar. The person in question visits the Guild and asks Eina for background information on the Ishtar Familia. Eina discloses they're a high ranking Familia in terms of financial status and Dungeon accomplishments. Furthermore, she discloses information on Phryne and Aisha. When asked for information on a Renard, Eina has nothing, but divulges a nasty incident the Ishtar Familia was involved in once. Walking home, Bell stops at a book store and reads a book on Heroic Tales.

That night at the pleasure district, Haruhime is approached by Aisha who gives her some candies from the Far East that she bought from a merchant. Just then, Mikoto appears and tries to talk to Haruhime. However, she feigns ignorance claiming she doesn't know who Mikoto is.

The following day, Bell learns from Mikoto that she met Haruhime last night, but Haruhime rejected her. Mikoto then reveals her backstory involving her former Familia and Haruhime. Everything between the four of them was great until Haruhime was sold to a slave trader. Becoming emotional, Bell is resolved to rescue Haruhime just like how she was "rescued" from her mansion in the old days. Out of nowhere, Hermes shows up and wanted to briefly check on Bell to see if he's ok, he's asked for information on the pleasure district.

At the Hostess of Fertility, Hermes is briefed on the situation on Haruhime, and he echos what Lili said about messing with the Ishtar Familia. He does, however, suggest getting the funds to purchase Haruhime. Estimating her cost would be around 2-3 million Vallis, hearing this Mikoto and Bell feel that they'd be capable of collecting that amount of money. Inquiring about the person they're interested in purchasing, they say her name is Haruhime and she's a Renard. In light of this, Hermes confesses the package delivered to Ishtar was called a Killing Stone and leaves the two to their business.

That very night in the Ishtar Familia base, Ishtar orders her Familia to capture Bell. Internally, Ishtar also looks forward to the upcoming full moon in order to proceed with the Killing Stone Ritual and take out the Freya Familia.

The following day in the Dungeon, the Hestia Familia members do some Dungeon exploring and Mikoto is especially elated to do so as is Bell. Unbeknownst to the group, the Ishtar Familia are ahead of the group and plan on kidnapping Bell. With the help of a cloaked individual, Aisha has an enchantment cast on her. Back to Bell's group, they have trouble fighting a large group of Lygerfangs. During this encounter, Bell is caught by Aisha and the two fight, where Bell is easily overpowered.

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