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Smooth Sailing? (順風満帆?) is the first chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


Haruhime asked Bell to stop. He replied that he had not yet seen the real she, asking her to tell him her wish.

A week earlier, the new Hestia Familia arrived at their new home they had gained after the War Game. Once inside, Bell noted that the mansion was very large and that it would be better if the Familia was just as large. Hestia reveal to him that she had been handing out recruitment announcements adding that it was time for the recruits to arrive. Hestia tried to start the interviews but at that moment Mikoto arrived, revealing that Hestia had a debt of 200,000,000 valis, causing Bell to pass out when he realized it was for the Hestia Knife.

Later, when asked for an explanation, Hestia said that the debt did not affect the Familia. Lili, however, said that all the new recruits had left and that there were rumors about it so there would be no new members. After telling them how she had acquired it, Hestia assured them that she would pay the debt herself. Bell, who had just woken up, commented that the knife had helped him several times so he wanted to help her with the debt. Hestia refused his help, and instead asked the others to support her, with which they all agreed.

The next day, Chigusa arrived to tell something to Mikoto, who acquired a serious expression after listening to her.