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Run Cranel (走れクラネル) is the second chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


After following Mikoto and Chigusa to the Entertainment District, Lili wondered if they were there to make money by selling themselves. Welf discarded it, pointing out how she threw a man when he tried to approach her. After running away, the girls were surrounded by a group of Gods without knowing what to do. Luckily for them, Welf arrived and reminded them that the night was short. After that, Welf asked Mikoto to tell them the reason they were there, asking her if it was something she couldn't tell them about.

She explained that she did not know if she should involve them since it was a personal matter, to which he pointed out that they were a Familia and that they were there to support each other, which she thanked them for. After that, she told them that they had heard that someone similar to a childhood friend of theirs was there, so they had gone to see if it was her. Lili pointed out that this was Ishtar Familia's territory and that if they were not careful their actions could be interpreted as if they were investigating them. Welf said that, for the moment, it was better to avoid misunderstandings and decided to leave, realizing that Bell was not with them.

Having been separated from his friends by a girl, Bell ran away and tried to find them, getting to an area that looked like the Far East. There, Bell saw a girl that caught his attention, but was distracted when Hermes called him, surprised to see the God there.