Run Cranel 2 (走れクラネル2) is the third chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


After handing over her order, Hermes asked Ishtar what she planned to do, pointing out that the object was a Killing Stone. She told him that soon she would show him something interesting making the God said to her that he had already seen something interesting before arriving.

Hermes was surprised to find Bell commenting that he was already at that age. The boy tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding but Hermes ignored him and instead gave him an aphrodisiac, after which he left. While chasing Hermes to return it, he ran into an Amazoness who held him and presented herself as Aisha, asking him if he would not spend the night with her. A group of Amazoness arrived and, realizing who he was, each tried to take him until Aisha took him back and told them he was her prey. Bell tried to tell them that he had gone to look for a member of his Familia but they did not believe him, pointing out the aphrodisiac he had.

After taking him to the Ishtar Familia home Aisha commented that all the rooms were occupied so they would have to wait. While they waited, Phryne arrived at the scene and expressed her desire to take Bell. The others objected, commenting that it was her fault that men no longer came and ordered her to leave. This angered Phryne who declared that she would take him from them, causing the other Amazons to prepare to fight. Seeing that their attention was no longer on him, Bell decided to flee by jumping from a window. Seeing this, they all went after him while Bell thought he should escape, sure that if they caught him he would stop being himself.




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