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Run Cranel 3 (走れクラネル3) is the fourth chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


Seeing the distance between him and the Amazonesses increase, Bell believed that he could escape. At that moment, Phryne caught up with him and launched herself at him, forcing him to dodge. He tried to run away again but she caught him by the leg and threw him to the ground, ordering him to surrender. Fortunately for him, the rest of the Amazonesses arrived and attacked her to prevent Phryne from taking him. Bell took advantage of this and got up to continue fleeing, but was stopped by Aisha, who knocked him down after kicking him and told him that she had caught him. However, before she could do anything, Phryne threw an Amazoness at her, knocking her into a building.

This scared the boy, who continued to run away while Phryne threw more people at him, until she finally hit him and made him fall inside a building. Bell looked for a place to hide, finally entering a room in the place, and relaxing when he noticed that he had lost them. He was surprised when a girl spoke to him from behind and told him that she had been waiting for him.