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Run Cranel 4 (走れクラネル4) is the fifth chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


The girl introduced herself as Haruhime and informed him that she would be the one to attend him. Realizing that she believed he was her client Bell tried to tell her the truth but before he could she tripped, causing her to end up falling on top of him. At this Haruhime passed out because of the embarrassment, apologizing for the misunderstanding after waking up. She asked him why he was in the Entertainment District and after listening, she recommended him to stay with her until the brothels closed after which she would guide him out of there.

Meanwhile, she asked him to tell her about outside the Entertainment District since she was unable to leave. He told her how he had come to Orario with the intention of fulfilling a dream of his as well as wanting to see the land of one of the stories that he liked. Haruhime asked him if it was Dungeon Oratoria what Bell confirmed and asked her if she liked hero stories too, surprised to learn that this was the case. The two began to discuss stories with her commenting that she had always wanted to visit Orario.

Bell asked her if this was not what she denied and explained that she was a noblewoman from Far East but was expelled after making a serious mistake. Because of this, a person took her away but they were attacked by monsters and after being rescued by a group of bandits, they sold her to the Ishtar Familia. Bell asked her if she had not thought about leaving the Entertainment District what she said she had considered doing but that she no longer deserved it as she was a prostitute.