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Run Cranel 5 (走れクラネル5) is the sixth chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


Haruhime told Bell that she could not dream of being saved as prostitutes only brought ruin to heroes. Bell protested, telling her that a hero would not abandon someone like her, to which Haruhime responded by thanking him and commenting that it was time for him to leave. Before saying goodbye, Bell tried to speak to her but was unable to do so and regretted not being able to help her.

Bell went to Eina to find out if there was anything he could do and, after he was told to not go again to the Entertainment District by her, she gave him information about the Ishtar Familia. Eina told him about their main force, the Berberas, which were mostly Level 3. In addition to that, she told him about Aisha, informing him that she was Level 3 and near Level 4, and Phryne, who was the captain and Level 5. When asked about Haruhime Eina said that there were no records of her.

Bell asked her if the Guild didn't know about people being sell and if they couldn't do something. She related to him that 5 years ago they had investigated the Ishtar Familia due to complaints that they had a greater power than they had reported. However, upon discovering that the information was true, the Guild had to pay them a great compensation and since then they could not act against them. In addition to this, Ishtar had destroyed the Familias who had accused her. Eina told him they were a terrifying Famila and advised him not to mess with them. After hearing all this, Bell asked his grandfather what to do.