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The Anguish of the Fox and the Rabbit (狐兎憂悶) is the seventh chapter of the DanMachi II manga.


Upon arriving at the Hestia Familia home, Bell was scolded by Hestia for arriving until in the morning. As punishment for worrying her, Hestia made everyone do volunteer work. While working, Mikoto apologized to Bell for putting him in trouble. Bell told her that it had been his fault to separate and that he had been helped by a Renard named Haruhime. Mikoto was surprised to hear this and explained Bell that she was a friend of her.

Hearing this, Lili chimed in saying that she already knew that Bell wanted to save her and rejected the idea, arguing that he had just won the War Game and would be unable to win against the Ishtar Familia, with which Welf also agreed. Even though he wanted to save Haruhime, Bell knew there were things he couldn't lose, feeling helpless because he couldn't do anything. That night, Mikoto secretly slipped away.