Is it Wrong to Seek Herbs on an Uninhabited Island? (無人島に薬草を求めるのは間違っているだろうか) is the second special OVA episode of the DanMachi anime.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Special Case with design by Shigeki Kimoto
  • 8-page booklet
  • Special CD: Ais Wallenstein's Character Song Tropica☆Vacation
  • Non-Credit Ending

Summary[edit | edit source]

Miach sends the Hestia Familia to find a rare herb on a deserted island. Unbeknownst to the group, a familiar face is also on the island and things will get chaotic.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Cassandra and Daphne return to the Miach Familia base to turn in their earnings from their Dungeon excursion. The topic of a quest involving going to a desert island to procure medicinal herbs is brought up as a quest the two members would be interested in doing. That quest, however, Miach has decided to bypass the Guild and personally request the Hestia Familia to do it. He also plans on paying the group in advance, double the amount he would have paid the Guild. Essentially, the quest is a reward to the group for their recent growth as the Hestia Familia will be taking a well-deserved vacation on the island.

The Hestia Familia along with Ryuu, all make it to the desert island called Paradise. It's an island said to be a treasure trove of various kinds of rare herbs. Furthermore, at the center of the island is a flower called the "Everything Flower" with "Unbe-leaf-able" possibilities. Bell decides that he and Welf should go into the forest to search for the herb and the ladies stay behind in the ocean area. This is shot down by everyone especially the ladies as they want to bath in the ocean, however, Bell forgot his swimsuit. Because of the circumstances that Bell is unable to swim and who will be the one that looks after the bags with Bell. A swimsuit contest is had with Welf acting as the MC one of the judges. Peeking at Hestia while she changes into her swimsuit, he learns that she's wearing a special one that Bell will certainly die for. Up next is Lili who is annoyed that she can't find out anything from Bell and Hestia's adventure in the village. Though, she too is convinced that she'll win over Bell's heart. Lastly, Haruhime and Mikoto both get ready to put their swimsuits on. Haruhime, pessimistic that she'll win, Mikoto gives her some pep talk, which flusters her.

Onto the start of the contest, Bell and Ryuu act as judges and Welf as the host to the contest. It starts with Mikoto as she's an unofficial contestant and her outfit is considered plain and tacky by Welf's standards. The next contestant is Hestia who dresses in a swimsuit made completely out of vines and leaves she found in the forest. Lili goes next and her performance with an exercise ball captivates Bell, making him look flush. Finally, it's Haruhime turn and her simplistic bathing suit and her shy persona seem to captivate Bell the most. Astoundingly Bell chooses Ais as the bathing suit contest winner, who appears out of nowhere with a mushroom on the top of her head. When Bell checks up on her, Ais' personality is completely ditzy compared to her normal calm and aloofness persona.

The mushroom on Ais' head is considered to be a bump that caused her to get amnesia. Ryuu believes that the only way to cure Ais of her condition is the Everything Flower. Taking advantage of Ais' amnesia, Hestia convinces her that the one she loves is Welf and not Bell. Elsewhere, Bell, Welf, and Mikoto search in the jungle for the herb, but cannot find it. So they return to the beach where Ais gleefully embraces Welf. Overcome with emotion, Bell runs off in a tizzy causing him to fall off a cliff and land headfirst into the ground.

Meanwhile, Ryuu is lost in the forest and by chance finds the "Everything Flower" in the center of a lake. Resolved to get it, she strips down naked, but checks around the area in case Bell was around to peek at her. With the coast clear, she proceeds to get it, but a noise stops her and she screams. Her voice is heard all the way back on the beach. So Mikoto goes to check what happened to Ryuu while the rest stay behind to tend to the unconscious Bell. After being briefly lost in the forest, Mikoto finds the same lake that Ryuu found, but it changed into a hot spring. Like before, the Everything Flower is in the center of it and when Mikoto tries to get it, she screams. Welf goes next and finds a blacksmithing station in the center and screams. Hestia unsurprised by this outcome, it's then that Ryuu, Welf, and Mikoto return with mushrooms on their heads and act the same as Ais does. Having enough of this, Hestia, Lili, and Haruhime venture into the forest to find the lake and screams. The obvious outcome is that they all grow mushrooms on the top of their heads.

Bell awakens from his unconscious state and finds out that all of his friends have the same symptoms as Ais. Once they all pass out, the mushrooms on their heads fall off and transform into mini versions of his friends. They all beseech Bell to return them to Orario and Bell agrees to their request. But it's then that Finn, Bete, Hyakinthos, Aisha, Apollo, Ares, and other appear out of nowhere and demand to have the mushrooms. To add even more chaos to the mix, an active volcano appears out of nowhere and explodes causing the island to crack open and rupture. All of this though was a dream by Cassandra, who was asleep for a week's time. Just then, Bell appears in Miach's base and has a mushroom on top of his head.

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