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DanMachi Light Novel Volume 1 is the first volume of the DanMachi light novel.


The labyrinth city Orario - a huge city that holds a huge labyrinth under the city known as the dungeon.
Excitement known as the unknown, brilliant honor, and romance with cute girls.
In this place that conceals the breath of people's dreams and desires, a boy meets a small Goddess.
"All right, Bell-kun, follow me! We're going to do the Familia enrollment ritual!"
"Yes! I'll become stronger!"
A fateful encounter between a boy who wants to become an adventurer but was rejected by other Familias and a Goddess with zero Familia members.


  • Prologue: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
  • Chapter 1: World, Reality and Desire
  • Chapter 2: That's Why I Run
  • Chapter 3: Night Before Awakening
  • Chapter 4: That's Why I Want To Help
  • Chapter 5: The Goddess' Prank
  • Chapter 6: Bump Of Chicken
  • Epilogue: Familia Myth