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DanMachi Light Novel Volume 16 is the sixteenth volume of the DanMachi light novel.


What happened at the fertility banquet to be held - is it a Bell and Syr date!?
"For Bell. At this goddess festival, would you please go on a date with me?"
"Wow, a love letter!!"
A letter from the city girl calls for chaos!
At the goddess festival which, along with the Elegy festival, are called the 'two great festivals', Bell will gradually face the date with Syr.
But, it is impossible for nothing to happen! The Hostess of Fertility, the Sword Princess, and also the Freya Familia, a great riot that will engulf all of these will unfold!
"Everything is for the good of the goddess. - die, girl"
And then a bad omen will come. Hovering over a single girl, ancient dark clouds will fill the city.


  • Prologue 1: The Impossible Distance between Friendship and Yearning.
  • Prologue 2: What the Girl Desired
  • Chapter 1: A Sudden Love Letter
  • Monologue 1
  • Chapter 2: The Festival's Eve of Tears and Screams
  • Monologue 2
  • Chapter 3: Harvest Festival
  • Monologue 3
  • Chapter 4: Full Princess Panic!
  • Monologue 4
  • Chapter 5: The Proof of 『 』.
  • Monologue 5
  • Intermission: Syr's Beginning
  • Chapter 6: The Price of Desire
  • Epilogue: "Alea iacta est II"