DanMachi Light Novel Volume 3 is the third volume of the DanMachi light novel.

Summary[edit | edit source]

"'re a coward"
"Being a coward is important when adventuring. However, there's something other than that that you're afraid of"
Bell suddenly reunited with the Sword Princess Ais, the woman that he yearned for. The truth that he was confronted with. The greatest destiny that gouges himself.
The red red heinous Minotaur.
The boy felt miserable about himself.
And so the boy thought for the first time. I want to become a hero.

"I'll accomplish a great task, one that people and Gods would praise"

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Prologue: "Alea jacta est"
  • Chapter 1: The Sword Princess Invades
  • Chapter 2: Ox Rabbit Training
  • Chapter 3: Black Raid
  • Chapter 4: The Adventure's Meaning
  • Chapter 5: Argonaut
  • Epilogue: 0 Pages -> 1 Page

Illustrations[edit | edit source]

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