DanMachi Light Novel Volume 4 Cover

DanMachi Light Novel Volume 4 LE Cover

DanMachi Light Novel Volume 4
 Japanese ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか 4
 Romaji Danjon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Irudarou ka 4
 Pages 336 (Japanese)
240 (English)
 Release Date December 13, 2013 (Japanese)
December 15, 2015 (English)
 ISBN 978-4-7973-7514-5 (Regular Edition)
978-4-7973-7515-2 (Limited Edition)
 Cover Bell Cranel
Welf Crozzo
• Volume Chronology•
 Previous Volume 3
 Next Volume 5

DanMachi Light Novel Volume 4 is the fourth volume of the DanMachi light novel.


Due to the battle with the Minotaur, Bell reached Level 2 and became the Record Holder. Party invitations unceasingly came to the boy that drew the attention of all of Orario.
Amidst that all, he became companions with Welf who made his armor Pyonkichi. On top of that, he is apparently the only creator of the incredibly powerful Magic Sword, but...?
Bell's episode with the Chienthrope Naaza and his episode with the Goddess Hestia are also included!


  • Prologue: The Fastest Boy in the Back Alley
  • Chapter 1: Denatus
  • Chapter 2: Changing Environment, Joining Relationship
  • Chapter 3: The Smith's Situation
  • Epilogue: Next Stage
  • Special: Quest x Quest
  • Special: The Goddess' Campanella



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