DanMachi Light Novel Volume 6 is the sixth volume of the DanMachi light novel.


"War Game" - a proxy war fought between the Familia of two opposing Gods. The winner takes everything from the loser. And the aim of the opposing God is -
"I'll take your Familia member Bell Cranel!"
The time until the War Game is one week. To add insult to injury, this time Lili is captured by the Soma Familia!
In the hopeless situation, several bonds that have been created through meeting and adventuring with the boy gather. Everything is for the victory!


  • Prologue: The Moonlit Night of Evil
  • Chapter 1: Fury Of The Rabbit
  • Chapter 2: Shall We Dance?
  • Chapter 3: Outbreak
  • Chapter 4: Those That Gather
  • Chapter 5: Our War Game
  • Epilogue: Hestia Familia



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