Volume 6Edit


One night, Lili secretly visited Soma to ask for her release from the Soma Familia. She apologized for not contacting him, however he simply ignored her while in fetal position, muttering that his livelihood had been taken away due to penalties from the Guild. Suddenly, she heard another person's voice and saw Zanis Lustra standing near Soma. Zanis told her that he would talk with her instead of their God, surprised that she was still alive. He then accused her of Canoe's disappearance but she brought the topic back to her release. Zanis took advantage of the uninterested Soma to force Lili to pay 10,000,000 valis for her release. Lili instantly became pale and left. As she left, Chandra arrived, reporting that the members of the Apollo Familia had arrived. Zanis asked him to guide them to the meeting place but he simply told him to do it. Zanis once again took advantage the uninterested Soma to make it seem that he was going to meet them in his place. After he left, Soma took a drink from a bottle on the shelf.

Chapter 1Edit

Three days after returning from the 18th floor, Bell visited the Hostess of Fertility to thank Syr again for her help. After returning, he had spent the last two days thanking people for their help. While talking with Syr, Ryuu appeared to caution her when she saw Bell. As they greeted each other, Bell thought that he had gotten closer to Ryuu than before. However, Syr, seeing how close they were, commented that they seemed to have gotten closer, then warned him about peeking. She had interrogated Ryuu about the peeking incident before he had visited her the first time and angrily lectured him about it. Ryuu came to his defense by telling Syr that she would've cut him down if he had ulterior motives. Syr shifted the topic to the Goliath and praised him for his efforts. He was grateful although he knew he wouldn't have made it if anyone had been missing from the battle. Syr suggested Bell's party have dinner at the Hostess of Fertility, however he remembered how Mia had insulted him when he returned about being dependent on others to save himself. Syr suggested telling stories to Mia to soften her mood though Bell turned down her offer as he already had something planned that night.

That night, Bell, Lili, and Welf celebrated their victory over the Goliath and Welf's Rank Up at a bar called the Hibachitei. Also at the bar were Luan Espel of the Apollo Familia along with Hyakinthos and some other members. Luan began insulting the Hestia Familia and they took the insults before Luan began insulting Hestia. Bell lost it at this point and attacked Luan, forcing both sides to join in. Hyakinthos landed a hard punch on Bell but before the battle could get any farther Bete complained about their attitude and disrupted the mood. Bete helped Bell up by grabbing his shirt and told him to not get ahead of himself. Bete then left the bar with several other Loki Familia members following him.

A little while later, Bell and the others reported the incident to Hestia while she and Lili treated their injuries. Hestia was surprised that Bell actually fought while Lili blamed it on Welf's supposedly bad influence. Hestia cautioned him about fighting but Bell told her that he couldn't bear to hear others insult someone close to him. She was happy that he had gotten angry for her yet was also sad that he had gotten injured, telling him to just laugh it off next time. Lili shifted the topic to the other Familia, worrying that the other Familia may exact revenge for the fight. Hestia decided to settle the matter by talking to the other God and asked Bell about the other Familia. Bell didn't know who they were but remembered that they had the emblem of the sun.

In a dark alley, Luan complained to Hyakinthos about always being the one with the short straw while touching the foot mark on his face. Hyakinthos and the others thanked him for his work though Luan still seemed to be annoyed about it. Hyakinthos commented that their work was done and that Apollo would be pleased.

Chapter 2Edit

The day after, Bell discussed the situation with Eina at the Guild when Daphne Lauros and Cassandra Ilion arrived to hand him an invitation to the God's Banquet being held by Apollo. The God's Banquet this time allowed for the Gods to bring one of their Familia along with them. Since Bell was Hestia's only Familia member, she invited him to the banquet. Miach and Naaza tagged along after Hestia agreed to pay for their clothes.

At the God's Banquet, Bell met Hermes, Asfi, Takemikazuchi, and Mikoto. As they were busy talking, everyone in the room was captivated by Freya and Ottar's entrance. Hermes, Takemikazuchi, Mikoto quickly averted their gazes to prevent themselves from being captivated by her beauty while Asfi didn't even bother to look. After looking around the banquet, Freya's gaze turned to Bell and she walked over to him. Freya asked him if he could show her a dream that night but Hestia quickly rejected her offer and snapped Bell out of Freya's beauty. Ottar bowed to them as they left and Loki approached with Ais soon after. Loki wore a suit while Ais wore a green dress which captivated Bell instantly and he thought that her beauty rivaled Freya's own beauty. Loki complained to Hestia about her entrance being overshadowed by Freya while Ais talked with Bell. Hestia noticed that Loki was wearing a suit and took the opportunity to make a jab at her flat chest. This enraged Loki, making her counter with her claim that Ais was better than Bell. The situation escalated into a argument on whose Familia member was better. In the end Hestia dragged Bell off while Loki dragged Ais off. Bell wanted to talk to her more but knew that normally they wouldn't even have the opportunity to be with each other.

Overwhelmed by the rich atmosphere of the banquet, Bell took a moment to rest near a balcony. While there, he overheard bits of a conversation between Hyakinthos and Zanis with his improved senses. He was then approached by Hermes who wanted to talk with him. Hermes asked him about his reason on becoming an adventurer, learning that it was due to his grandfather, and that before he came to Orario he lived in the mountains. He then asked Bell if he had heard of Zeus. Bell hadn't heard of him, causing Hermes to explain that Zeus used to be the leader of one of the strongest Familia. Fifteen years ago, they failed to defeat the One Eyed Black Dragon and Zeus and Hera were subsequently kicked out of Orario by Loki and Freya. Bell wondered where Zeus currently was and Hermes told him that there were many tales about it such as him being chased around by a yandere. Hermes then asked if Bell was going to dance, wondering if he had a girl in mind and Bell's gaze fell on Ais. Hermes saw this and a smirk formed on his face. Hermes dragged Bell across the room to her against his will. Hestia and Loki were still in the midst of an argument and Ais didn't know what to do. Seeing Bell and Hermes approach, she left the two Gods to talk with them. Bell was horrified when Hermes asked her to a dance and Ais herself didn't know what to do. She was about to decline his offer when Hermes made up an excuse of having something to do and forced Bell to ask her for a dance instead of him. Bell was extremely nervous but managed to ask her to dance with him, which she happily accepted.

Bell led Ais out to the dance floor hand in hand. They began dancing although both of them didn't know how to dance. After several errors, the pair received advice from Takemikazuchi and Mikoto as they danced past them. Bell and Ais took their advice and their dancing improved. Ais revealed to Bell that this was her first time dancing with someone. Although the two were enjoying their time together, there were others in the room that didn't like them being together. Hestia and Loki noticed them dancing and tried to stop them. Fortunately, Hermes noticed the situation and had Asfi restrain the two Goddesses and take them out to the balcony. Across the room, Freya was also unhappy with the situation and asked Ottar if he could bring a group of minotaur into the banquet, to which he replied that it was impossible. Bell and Ais finished their dance and headed to the balcony to meet their respective Goddess. Both Goddesses were in a bad mood and tried forcing them to dance when Apollo appeared. Apollo announced to those gathered that he was planning on challenging Hestia to a War Game. Hestia, realizing that the whole fight in the bar was staged, became angry and quickly dragged Bell out of the banquet before anything else happened.

Chapter 3Edit

The following morning, Bell had his status updated and left to head for the Dungeon. However, once he walked outside of the church they lived in, he saw the Apollo Familia surrounding the church on the ground and on the various buildings. Realizing their intent, Bell quickly grabbed Hestia and started running as the Apollo Familia commenced their assault on them. As they ran, they noticed that the Apollo Familia had destroyed the church they lived in, forcing their options down. After jumping up eight meters to the top of a building, Daphne confronted them along with Cassandra and several other Familia members. She told Bell to give up as Apollo was known to keep on chasing after those he took a liking to. Bell rejected her warning and ran to avoid the Familia members with her. As Bell left, Cassandra warned Daphne that they shouldn't force him into a corner and that the rabbit would jump over the moon and devour the sun. However, Daphne didn't take her seriously and brushed her words off as a dream.

An explosion occured as the Apollo Familia attack the Hestia Familia home with magic. The explosion sounded throughout the area and could be heard loud and clear at the Hostess of Fertility. Anya, Chloe, and Lunoire ran out into the street to see what had happened. Moving her ears, Chloe heard the sounds of fighting. Seeing a shadow on the roof, the three realized that it was Familias fighting each other. As Anya thought about what Familias had their homes in the area, the others also came out into the street to look in the direction of the fighting. Anya came to the conclusion that it was Bell's Familia fighting though Lunoire cautioned her since Syr was within hearing distance. Syr worriedly looked in the direction of the fighting. Ryuu also came outside a few moments later and narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction of the fighting.

Lili and Welf were waiting for Bell to arrive so that they could enter the Dungeon. They wondered why Bell was late when they heard that the Hestia Familia was being attacked by the Apollo Familia and quickly ran to his aid.

Hermes observed the situation from north western Orario. Asfi returned to him, reporting that Freya didn't seem like she was planning to do anything. She wondered if Hermes was going to do anything, however Hermes decided on just being a spectator. He then left with Asfi to keep Bell within sight.

Tiona returned to the Loki Familia home and reported the situation on the Hestia Familia, making Ais worried for Bell's safety. Tione wondered where Loki was and Bete told her that she was out spectating the battle. Finn noticed that Ais seemed worried about the battle and told her not to do anything while reminding her that Loki also forbade her from getting involved. With nothing else she could do, Ais could only watch the scene from a window.

Continuing to run, Bell noticed the emblem of the Soma Familia on various adventurers and realized that the Apollo Familia wasn't the only Familia after him. He remembered seeing Hyakinthos and Zanis discussing something during the banquet held by Apollo the night before. While he looked at them, he heard something behind him and turned to see Hyakinthos land on the ground and come after him with a flamberge. Bell intercepted the blow with his Hestia Knife but was blown away due to the difference in strength. Hyakinthos proceeded to overwhelm Bell in terms of strength and beat him out of jealousy because of the attention Apollo was giving him. Hestia pleaded for him to stop but Hyakinthos simply stated that they were going to heal him later so it wouldn't hurt to cut off an arm or a leg.

As he was about to do so, Naaza sniped him with several arrows, forcing Hyakinthos to dodge. Bell took the opportunity to grab Hestia and run away. He didn't get far before the Apollo Familia attacked him with magic and he hit the ground. An Elf named Lissos told Bell to surrender but at that moment Mikoto, Ouka, Chigusa, and the members of the Takemikazuchi Familia came to his aid along with Miach. Miach told Bell to run as far as they could while they kept the Apollo Familia busy. Bell ran as told and was again about to be captured until Lili and Welf appeared and helped him escape again. After helping him escape, Lili saw that the Soma Familia was helping the Apollo Familia and was shocked when she saw Zanis appear. Zanis revealed that they were only doing this for money and threatened Lili. She had no choice but to follow his orders and left with him after saying goodbye to Welf.

Bell and Hestia continued to run away. Hestia told Bell that she wouldn't mind going wherever as long as he was with her and proceeded to confess her feelings for him. Unfortunately for Hestia, Bell responded by saying that he respected her, although in his mind he knew what she meant. Hestia finally made up her mind and told Bell to head south west where they ended up at the Apollo Familia home. She forced her way inside and was met by Apollo with Luan at his side. Hestia ordered Luan to hand her his glove and he willingly handed it over. Hestia threw it at Apollo's face and accepted his War Game. Several Gods and Goddesses appeared from around the garden and immediately the news of the War Game caused an uproar across Orario. Bell was surprised at her decision but Hestia told him that she would try to get him a week for him to train. Welf arrived soon after and reported Lili's kidnapping by the Soma Familia. Hestia ordered Bell to leave the Hestia Knife with her and go train while Welf would attack the Soma Familia and take Lili back.

Chapter 4Edit

Bell immediately left Hestia and Welf and headed as fast as he could to the Loki Familia home to see Ais. He knew that in order to face Hyakinthos, he needed to have Ais train him again. However, the Loki Familia members didn't see it that way and thought that he was there to try and have Ais join them in the War Game. Hearing the commotion, Tione appeared. A Familia member informed her of the situation and she agreed, telling Bell to leave immediately. Tione walked over to him and grabbed him to throw him out. However, she leaned in naturally and whispered for him to head to an alley two streets down before throwing him out. Bell went to the alley as told and found Ais and Tiona there. Tiona explained that Ais had seen him arrive and realized that he wanted to have her train him again. However, she couldn't accept his request in front of the other Loki Familia members and therefore had Tione pretend to throw him out. Bell began his training with Ais, this time with Tiona joining as well.

While Bell trained, the Gods assembled at Babel to decide on the rules. Apollo was already upset that Hestia was making them wait, since she claimed to be "sick". Just then Hestia arrived with Miach while sarcastically apologizing for being late. As the Gods went through the process, Apollo declared that he would take Bell if he won and that he would do anything if Hestia won, not even considering the chance that he might lose. When it came time to pick what type of War Game they would do, Hestia asked for a duel with Miach and Takemikazuchi backing her choice. However, Apollo knew that it was because she only had one Familia member, which he pointed out, refusing her request. The decision ended up being lottery style with Hermes drawing, resulting in siege being chosen. Hermes tried to convince Apollo to allow others to help though he refused. Freya came to her aid by goading Apollo into accepting Hermes' suggestion, resulting in him agreeing to allow one ally from a Familia outside of Orario. After the meeting, Hermes apologized to Hestia and informed her of Lili's whereabouts. Hestia thanked him for the information and told him that she would go save her.

At the Soma Familia, Zanis visited her and tried to talk her into cooperating with his plan. His plan was to have Lili disguise herself as a monster through Cinder Ella and lure monsters out so that he could capture them and sell them, all so that he could indulge himself in the luxuries of life. Before he could get any further, the alarm sounded and he called out to Chandra to find out what happened. Chandra mocked him at first before telling him that several intruders were attacking, including a young Goddess. Lili refused to cooperate if Zanis harmed her friends but he told her it wouldn't be a problem as he could force her mind with a drop of Soma. Zanis left Chandra in charge of guarding Lili and left to fight.

Lili tried to escape her cell at the Soma Familia and was surprised when Chandra helped her escape. Chandra explained that he joined the Soma Familia to drink the Soma but couldn't drink as much as he wanted due to Zanis' influence over the Familia. Arriving at the surface, she saw Welf, Ouka, Mikoto, Chigusa, and Naaza fighting. She tried to convince Hestia to leave her but Hestia refused. Hestia explained that they were going to have a War Game and needed Lili's help. Unsure of herself, Lili ran off and thought about what Hestia said. She ultimately decided to get Soma's help to stop the battle.

Zanis attacked Lili on her way to Soma's room. She endured his attacks and managed to reach Soma's room. Once in the room, Lili pleaded to Soma to stop the battle. However, Soma wouldn't listen to her as he was disappointed in those that were overcome by the Soma and would only listen if she was able to state her request after drinking the Soma. Lili accepted and drank the Soma. The world around her spun and turned white, though thinking of Bell helped her overcome its effects. Seeing this, Soma walked over to the balcony and ordered his Familia members to stop fighting.

Zanis was shocked and then enraged that the battle was over, determined to at least obtain Lili. He was intercepted by Naaza's sniping and by Welf who walked across to the room on the rope that was connected to the arrows. The two fought and Welf overcame Zanis as Zanis relied on pure strength without technique. Welf finished him off by smashing the non bladed side of his sword into his face, sending him flying. After the battle, Hestia and Chandra arrived. Chandra hauled Zanis off to the cells while Hestia negotiated Lili's conversion to the Hestia Familia with Soma. Hestia temporarily gave him the Hestia Knife as insurance in case the Hestia Familia lost the War Game. However, if the Hestia Familia won the War Game, Soma would return the knife in exchange for Lili's Familia leaving money.

The night four days before the War Game, Misha complained that it was too much work while leaning on Eina, causing her to tell her that she was heavy. She asked what Eina was doing and she told her she was making warnings not to go near the Shreme Old Castle Ruins during the War Game. Misha recalled that bandits were living there though Eina told her that the Ganesha Familia was asked to clean them out. She then wondered if Eina was worried about Bell with Eina's reaction being more than enough for a confirmation. Misha suggested cheering for Bell in their hearts to uplift their spirits. Eina smiled, looked out the window, and wished Bell luck.

After the Guild announced the War Game, Takemikazuchi was worried about what he should do to help Hestia. He knew that Miach couldn't send Naaza as that would destroy his Familia and turned his attention to his own Familia members. Ouka and Mikoto were the only ones in his Familia that could actually put up a fight against the Apollo Familia. However, he couldn't send Ouka and he wasn't sure if Mikoto would accept. At that moment, Mikoto entered the room, and the two spent a little while in silence before they spoke. Mikoto apologized to Takemikazuchi and asked for his permission to move to the Hestia Familia to help them. She referred to the Pass Parade that she was a part of and stated that she hadn't done enough to pay the Hestia Familia back for what she did. Takemikazuchi agreed to her request and told her to learn in the Hestia Familia what she couldn't in the Takemikazuchi Familia.

In her office, Hephaestus stared at the short sword she had laying on her desk. The short sword was created a long time ago by a certain troublesome boy that wasn't as skilled back then but had the passion for smithing. As she heard a knock on the door, she quickly hid the short sword before letting the person in. Welf entered the room and asked to be allowed to convert to the Hestia Familia. Hephaestus asked him if he abandoned his dream of creating a weapon better than a magic sword but he answered that as long as he had a hammer and fire he could smith anywhere, which was something he learned from Hephaestus herself. She asked him what drove him that far and Welf told her that it was for his friends. Hephaestus consented and agreed to let him convert. She gave him a red hammer from her personal stock as a farewell present and Welf left.

To recruit members for the Hestia Familia in the War Game, Hermes visited Ryuu again, this time in her room. She wasn't sure if he saw her as a jack of all trade and reminded him of the fact. Hermes asked her to do it for Syr, causing Ryuu to wonder why her name was brought up in the first place to which Syr apologized. Ryuu was worried that someone would recognize her by the way she fought though Hermes promised to spread false rumors about her to avoid that. He would also forge documents to the Guild about her information. Not wanting to leave Bell alone, Ryuu agreed to join the War Game for the Hestia Familia.

The night four days before the War Game, Apollo was alone in his home as his Familia had already headed to the Shreme Old Castle Ruins for the battle. He was alone in a room, sitting on a fancy chair while drinking wine. While he could've simply killed Hestia to claim Bell, he preferred finishing it in the War Game as the outcome was final and couldn't be overturned. On top of that, just crushing the Hestia Familia wouldn't have been interesting for the other Gods. Apollo recalled the first time he became interested in Bell, remembering that it was when he became known as the Record Holder. He began fantasizing about Bell, calling him Bell-kyun, feeling great imagining him crying. Apollo wanted everything, Bell's thin body, his white hair that was like a rabbit, his red eyes that didn't know impurity. Just thinking about him made him blush. Once he finished fantasizing, he declared Hestia to be in his way and wished his Familia luck.

At Freya's room in Babel, Ottar reported that the item she requested was finished. However, Freya didn't respond, causing him to repeat himself. Freya was busy watching Bell train with Ais and Tiona. She was drawn to Bell's brilliance that grew as he fought. Ottar asked if it was all right to let the Apollo Familia do as they pleased and while Freya admitted that she contemplated on crushing them if they tried anything, as a Goddess she wanted to see the outcome of the War Game.

Two days before the start of the War Game, Hestia went with Bell to the caravan that would take him to the Shreme Old Castle Ruins. Hestia wished him luck and hoped for his return. As the caravan began to leave, Bell saw Syr run up to the caravan to hand him an amulet that she claimed was from an adventurer that frequented the Hostess of Fertility. Bell thanked her and she promised to be there when he came back, ready to give him food again for the dungeon.

The night before the War Game, Hyakinthos sat in the throne room, complaining that they had to fight, not even thinking that the Hestia Familia would win against the number difference. He wondered why Apollo chose siege as the type, wondering if Apollo didn't trust them, and once again complained that they had to fight. Down on the battlements, Daphne predicted what Hyakinthos was saying while looking at the main tower. Suddenly, Cassandra started to warn her that the castle would be destroyed, however Daphne once again brushed her words off as a dream. Cassandra continued to warn her of danger, especially as she watched Luan Espel enter the castle, saying that it would be okay as long as they didn't let it in. Daphne was surprised at Cassandra but nonetheless told her to follow as she left. Cassandra was horrified that Luan entered and commented that the destruction had already entered.

Chapter 5Edit

In preparation for the War Game, a stage was set up in the Guild's front lawn. Ibri introduced himself to the crowd and announced that he would be the announcer for the War Game while Ganesha would do the commentary. He asked Ganesha for a comment, however he simply announced to everyone that he was Ganesha. Nonetheless, Ibri still thanked him for his comment.

In addition, people all over Orario bet on who they thought would win. At one bar, Mord bet 100,000 valis on the Hestia Familia, causing the others to think he'd gone crazy, however he simply brushed it off. Before the battle, Apollo asked Hestia if she'd said her goodbyes to Bell. Hestia paid him no attention while she turned to the mirror in front of her, causing him to shrug and return to his own seat.

While waiting for the War Game to begin, Hermes sat in a room within Babel with Asfi at his side. Asfi was uncomfortable that she was the only child in a room filled with Gods, but Hermes told her not to worry about it. He checked his pocket watch. Hermes then looked in the direction of the Guild and asked Ouranos to allow the use of their Arcanum. Ouranos accepted his request, allowing the Gods and Goddesses across Orario to summon mirrors that allowed the people to view the event.

Ryuu attacked from the north wall of the castle using Welf's Magic Swords. The sight of the Magic Swords caused an uproar with the Apollo Familia members guarding that location as they knew how deadly they were. Luan relayed an order from Hyacinthus to attack Ryuu with fifty members. Lissos hesitated at first but decided on the attack after Luan told them that they would get wiped out if they didn't take her out. Lissos led the fifty Familia members on an attack against her which proved unsuccessful with Ryuu's higher level and strength. Even thirty Apollo Familia members at once were no match for Ryuu. Lissos decided to fight her himself and landed a hit with his sword, revealing her Elf ears for a few seconds. Upon realizing that his opponent was an Elf, Lissos became enraged at the fact that an Elf was using Crozzo's Magic Swords when all Elves knew that Rakia once used them to burn down several Elf forests. However, Ryuu simply told him that protecting her friends was more important than an old grudge and defeated him in one hit.

Later, after seeing Ryuu defeat Lissos and a considerable amount of Apollo Familia adventurers, Ibri asked for commentary. Ganesha simply asked if it was Ganesha, causing Ibri to ask him to leave if he wasn't going to do commentary properly.

Mikoto attacked from the north side of the castle. At first she easily neared the castle before Luan warned everyone around him of her attack. Hearing him, she quickly ran while chanting for her magic. The Apollo Familia members thought she had a magic sword like Ryuu before they realized it was just a sword. Mikoto forced her way through the north wall to the center garden where she finished chanting for Futsunomitama. A purple field of gravity enveloped a good number of Apollo Familia members which she took down with her in a suicide attack.

Takemikazuchi, along with the rest of the Takemikazuchi Familia, watched Mikoto's suicide attack using her Futsunomitama through a mirror in their home. Takemikazuchi told her to go all out, Chigusa cheered for her, and Ouka wondered if she was planning to keep her enemies there with her.

As Hermes watched the War Game, he noted that the response speed Apollo Familia movements to the attacks were faster than he expected. However, he then added that with speed like that, one drop of poison could be fatal. Just as he suspected, the "Luan Espel" opened the door on the west side of the castle to let Bell and Welf in.

During the War Game, Luan Espel opened the gate on the castle's west wall, allowing Bell and Welf to enter. While everyone was shocked, the "Luan Espel" turned out to be Lili disguised using Cinder Ella. The real Luan was captured and held in a warehouse on the outskirts of Orario. Lili knew the layout of the castle and quickly led them to the hallway in front of the entrance to the tower where Hyakinthos was. Daphne was shocked by "Luan's" betrayal and led several mages and archer to intercept them. Welf noticed them and defeated all of the mages using his magic, taking out the archers along with them due to the Ignis Fatuus. The confusion allowed Bell to slip past Daphne and head to the tower. She tried to stop him but Welf blocked her way, saying that they should fight with weapons.

Loki praised Welf while watching him fight Daphne and Hephaestus thanked her for her praise. Loki wondered if it was the right decision to let Welf go but Hephaestus simply told her that no one knew. At the Hostess of Fertility, Chloe was completely skipping out on work while cheering for Bell. Anya and Lunoire realized that she must've bet again, though they were relieved that she hadn't bet on the Apollo Familia. Next to them, Syr worriedly watched the battle.

At the Loki Familia home, Tiona was excited at the turn of events while Ais was busy watching Bell's performance. Tione wondered why Ryuu didn't attack the castle directly, causing Finn, Riveria, and Gareth to offer their opinions. Finn compared Ryuu with magic swords to a Goliath, pointing out that a Goliath couldn't win against that many adventurers, while Riveria pointed out that the enemy had an advantage if they attacked the castle directly. Bete rejected their opinions by commenting that Bell wanted to finish it on his own and that he was a man. Riveria thought that Bete knew something but he claimed to not know anything. Tiona became increasingly excited while cheering for Bell.

In the tower, Cassandra was pleading to Hyakinthos to run away from the tower before he would get finished. He didn't take her seriously, telling her that there were several other people there and they could easily take Bell out. Seeing that he completely disregarded her warning, Cassandra warned him of a lightning strike which he again disregarded as foolishness. On the spiral staircase leading to the throne room, Bell unleashed a sixty second Argonaut powered Firebolt that destroyed most of the room leaving only Hyakinthos still standing. Bell rushed up the stairs to confront Hyakinthos who was in shock at the fact that Bell managed to cause this much damage. The two fought with Hyakinthos once again shocked at how different Bell's strength was than a week before.

After Bell destroyed Hyakinthos' weapon, Apollo worriedly cried out, his face no longer one of composure. Hermes realized that Bell must've had a considerable amount in his status before he leveled up and confirmed it with Hestia. He asked Hestia what Bell's status was before leveling up but she refused to tell him as he probably wouldn't believe it. Hermes asked for it anyway and was told that Bell had SS in everything except agility. He didn't believe it at first, however he had a strained smile when he realized that she was serious. When Hermes asked for his agility status, Hestia simply told him to be quiet.

Fearing defeat, Hyakinthos began chanting for Aro Zephyros while Bell was going to attack him with Firebolt. However, Cassandra got back up and slammed into him, causing him to lose his aim. Lili quickly forced Cassandra away from Bell and the two unleashed their magic. Even though Bell was physically just as strong as Hyakinthos, his opponent had the higher magic stat and Aro Zephyros beat Firebolt. Bell dodged it but the Aro Zephyros came back around and Hyakinthos made it explode. The explosion pushed Bell away and Hyakinthos thought he would win with the next strike. However, Bell dodged his attack and disarmed him with his feet, finishing up with a left hand punch straight to Hyakinthos' face. Hyakinthos' body flew and rolled across the room landing thirty feet away flat on the ground.

Once the Hestia Familia won, a deathly pale Apollo was approached by Hestia. Apollo tried to beg for mercy but she wouldn't have any of it. She reminded him of his promise to accept any condition she gave. Hestia ordered for all of his money including his home to be confiscated by the Hestia Familia, the Apollo Familia dissolved, and for Apollo to be banned from setting foot in Orario.

Anya, Chloe, and Lunoire high fived each other, while the other employees also celebrated. Syr also smiled at their victory, and began working again due to the adventurers who lost wanting to drink. At the Loki Familia home, Bete began walking out of the room. Finn asked where he was going but he avoided the question, though from his attitude they knew that he was heading to the dungeon. Tiona smiled at Ais while Ais congratulated Bell. Elsewhere, Mord went to collect his earnings while discovering that Naaza also bet on them.

Later on, as the Hestia Familia gathered after their win against the Apollo Familia, Bell wondered about the amulet that Syr had given him. Hyakinthos' magic had been potentially powerful enough to take Bell out, however the amulet saved him from that fate. He wondered what kind of adventurer that Syr had gotten the amulet from and what their reason was for doing such a thing. As Bell looked up into the sky, he felt that someone watching that noticed him smiled.

Two days after the War Game, Lili visited Soma by herself to exchange the Hestia Knife with her release money. Soma took the money without checking it and returned the knife. She was slightly surprised that it ended quickly but didn't comment on it. She bid Soma goodbye while turning to leave, however just as she was about to leave the room, Soma called out to her. He apologized for everything and told Lili to stay healthy. Lili was grateful that Soma remembered her name and told him that she would. After she left, Soma put all of the bottles on the shelf into a wooden box, replacing it with an empty cup. Afterward, Soma began improving his Familia little by little.

Due to the conditions of the War Game, Apollo was forced out of Orario forever. Hyakinthos followed after him, ignoring the warnings of the Guild not to.


Several days after the War Game, the members of the Hestia Familia toured their new home which was the mansion formerly owned by the Apollo Familia. Hestia declared that she would use the money won to renovate the whole place and get rid of Apollo's interests such as his statues. Mikoto asked for a bath while Welf asked for a blacksmith's workplace. Hestia decided to have the Familia members decide on an emblem though she quickly announced that she had already prepared one. Lili, Welf, and Mikoto took a look, immediately realizing that the emblem symbolized Bell and Hestia. Bell took a look at it and saw that it was a bell with fire. Hestia refused any objections, pointing out that the Hestia Familia started from the two of them. She then announced the start of the new Hestia Familia.

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