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The Goddess' Knife (神様のナイフ) is the eleventh chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell blocked the Silverback's attack with his knife but was sent back due to their power difference. He laid on the ground, cursing his own weakness. His mind thought about Ais until a familiar voice called out to him. Bell and the Silverback turned their attention to the source of the voice and saw Hestia. The Silverback changed its attention from Bell to Hestia and tried to attack her, but she was saved by Bell. He asked why Hestia came back and she told him that she would protect him, reminding him of his promise to not leave her.

Bell didn't know what to do in order to be able to defeat the monster. Hestia tried to give him the knife but was interrupted as the Silverback jumped down at them. The two ran from the Silverback until they reached a dead end. Bell couldn't think of anything that would work on the Silverback and began to panic. Hestia confidently told him that he would defeat the monster with his status and gave him the Hestia Knife.