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Bump of Chicken (バンプ・オブ・チキン) is the twelfth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


While she updated Bell's status in preparation to use the Hestia Knife, Hestia remembered what Hephaestus told her when the knife was done. She had told her that the weapon was alive and would grow as the user grew.

Hestia finished updating Bell's status just as the Silverback came around the corner toward them. She was surprised at his status total but still sent him off. As Bell charged at the monster, he remembered what Eina had told him about attacking monsters. She'd instructed him to always analyze the monster before attacking and attack its blind spot. He knew in this case that meant the Silverback's magic stone. Bell charged forward and stabbed through the Silverback's magic stone and killed it in one blow.

After seeing his victory, the people that were watching the battle cheered for him. However, he was shocked to see Hestia collapsed on the ground. He quickly picked her up in his arms and ran off to get help. Far off from the Daedaelus Street, Freya had been watching the entire scene. She admitted that what she did to Hestia wasn't that nice but she wanted to play with Bell again.